the challenge of social technologies
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The Challenge of Social Technologies

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The Challenge of Social Technologies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Challenge of Social Technologies. All networked up. David Steven, River Path Associates. Daily Summit # 1. World Summit on Sustainable Development “Instant news and comment” Updated 10 times a day Went where the mainstream media wouldn’t/couldn’t. Screen grab of dailysummit 1.

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the challenge of social technologies

The Challenge of Social Technologies

All networked up

David Steven, River Path Associates

daily summit 1
Daily Summit # 1
  • World Summit on Sustainable Development
  • “Instant news and comment”
  • Updated 10 times a day
  • Went where the mainstream media wouldn’t/couldn’t
fstr technology
FSTR technology
  • On the hoof…
    • Technology: cheap, flexible, versatile
    • Content: broad, deep, expensive
    • Marketing: not an add-on
    • Learning opportunity for institution

The benchmark by which blogger coverage of political events may be judged

Tim Blair

The Australian

building a buzz
Building a buzz
  • High impact:
    • 110,000 site visits in 2 month ‘live’ period
    • Many regular visitors – community created
    • 262 inward links
    • Ranked 5th on Google – official British government site ranked 18th
    • Ranked top on DayPop
daily summit 2
Daily Summit # 2
  • World Summit on the Information Society
  • Dual language site – English/Arabic
  • Team of reporters
a different kind of buzz
A different kind of buzz…
  • Niche publishing
    • 60,000 site visits and 250 links
    • Extensive media coverage – Guardian, BBC, various radio etc.
    • Iranian webloggers/Iranian president

Citizen’s media meets bulldog journalism; finds the future of news: I’m witnessing the future of journalism

Jeff Jarvis

world bank president
World Bank President
  • Amplification
    • Who will succeed James Wolfensohn?
    • From ‘off-the-radar’ to media firestorm
    • First stop for world’s media
    • Huge interest inside the Bank

If any of you want to be up to date on the inside scoop check

World Bank President and you’ll probably know as much as I do.

James Wolfensohn

low level panel
Low Level Panel
  • Building a movement
    • Driving grassroots change across the UN system
    • Blogging… also tagging, forum, Flickr, Wikipedia etc.
    • Innovation in the ‘grey spaces’: hive mind
why use social technologies
Why use social technologies?

It doesn’t work…

  • Low appetite for risk
  • Not prepared to move fast
  • Insistent on traditional command and control
  • Technology as ‘cudgel’
  • Know what you’re doing before you start
  • Traditional notions of authority

It works…

  • Interesting story to tell
  • Story tellers enabled
  • Genuine connection to audience
  • Playful attitude to technology
  • Learning through experimentation
  • Not waiting for permission
information strategies and policy influence
Information strategies and policy influence
  • Current information strategies
    • ‘Open source’ challenge –often under the radar
  • Information foraging
    • ‘Folksonomy’ challenge – experiments with emergent order
  • Information landscape of tomorrow
    • Disruptive change the only constant