koh tsuruta get incredible results of walking n.
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Koh Tsuruta Get Incredible Results of Walking PowerPoint Presentation
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Koh Tsuruta Get Incredible Results of Walking

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Koh Tsuruta Get Incredible Results of Walking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Koh Tsuruta is an enlightened and dedicated person. Koh Tsuruta spends 30 - 60 minute to walk and running. it is effective than any other exercise

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koh tsuruta recommends that personal satisfaction

KohTsuruta recommends that personal satisfaction is must. KohTsurutawalk daily 30 minute in every condition, it can be early morning walk or evening walk, But Walking for 30 minute is must. Daily walking has more health benefits. A simple brisk walk each day can greatly improve your health

the important thing to remember is your technique

The important thing to remember is your technique for walking should be correct. Hold your head up

boost your mood
Boost Your Mood:

People mood will improve. People have to do job day in and day out. It becomes some mundane. Walking will give a chance to go out some time and stave off some official activities. Can get rid of vexation and screwed –up situations. Get a chance to see natural sunlight, trees (greenery), and nature

helpful lifting a person s mental attitude
Helpful Lifting A Person’s Mental Attitude

Mental health is important as physical health. “A sound mind in a sound body” Mostly physical therapist suggested walk and going into park etc. A fresh air is good for mind, it also helpful to reduce stress, and heal depression. Improve memory and prevent the deterioration of brain tissue as we age.

strengthen your bones
Strengthen Your Bones

A Walking gives strength to our muscles and bones. Our body becomes more flexible as well as coordinated. Walking is a great way to keep your muscles working, especially those in your legs and arms.

enable you to burn more fat
Enable You To Burn More Fat

A daily 45 min to an hour walk helps to burning a high level of calories, and in turn, crushing your fat cells. Tighten up a bit and get your derriere in better shape

it gives you time to think
It Gives You Time to Think:

Walking is give you some time to go outside and disconnect with Mobile, Tv and computer and gives you time to think It can be favorable to improve your thoughts and get new ideas to resolve any problem. Person becomes more creative.

get in touch
Get In Touch
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  • http://koh-tsuruta.strikingly.com
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