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Tokyo, Japan PowerPoint Presentation
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Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo, Japan

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  1. Tokyo, Japan

  2. How do we get to Tokyo?

  3. First, We take a bus toKeelung Train Station

  4. Then, We go to Taoyuan by Train

  5. Last, We take a plane to Tokyo.

  6. 1. Where does the man want to go?A. Tokyo Subway StationB. Tokyo Art MuseumC. Tokyo Tower

  7. 2. How much is the train fare?A. 130 yenB. 140 yenC. 150 yen

  8. 3. Where should the man get on the train?A. platform number 3B. platform number 4C. platform number 5

  9. 4. How often do the trains come?A. about every five minutesB. about every six minutesC. about every seven minutes

  10. 5. Where should the man get off the train?A. at Kamiyacho StationB. at Kamigaya StationC. at Kamiyama Station

  11. Man: Let me see now. Which train do I need to get on? Woman: Excuse me. Do you need any help? Man: Yes, I want to go to Tokyo Tower, but I'm really lost. This is my first visit to Japan, so I have no idea on how to ride the trains.

  12. Woman: First, you need to buy a ticket to yourdestination. From here, it's a hundred and thirty yen. Man: A hundred thirty yen. Okay. Woman: Then, get on the Hibiya Subway Line at platform number four.

  13. Destination: The place that you are going to. • Platform: A raised area that you can get on and off a train.

  14. Man: Number four, alright. Oh, and how often do the trains come around this time of day? Woman: Usually, they come about every six minutes or so. Man: Alright. And where do I get off the train?

  15. Woman: Get off at Kamiyacho Station, three stops from here. The sign at the station is written in English, so you'll be able to read it. Man: Three stops. Got it. Thanks for your help. Woman: No problem. Good luck.