by tyler standridge samar fawaz tyson street and nathan capps n.
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The Theoretical project

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The Theoretical project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By: Tyler Standridge, Samar Fawaz, Tyson Street, and Nathan Capps. a ka Shorty. The Theoretical project. Overview of Design. The device begins with a car projected to provide enough force to collide with a weight.

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overview of design
Overview of Design
  • The device begins with a car projected to provide enough force to collide with a weight.
  • The weight tips the balanced track. A marble and two cars simultaneously roll off the balanced track.
    • The marble rolls along the back side to trigger the other team’s device.
    • The two cars roll into a red cup.
  • The red cup and pulley system are used to pull up our banner.
overview of operations
Overview of Operations
  • When the car reaches the curve, conservation of angular momentum is applied.
    • L=L’
  • Conservation of linear momentum is evident when the car collides with the weight.
    • mv + m v = m v′ + m v′ (perfectly elastic)
    • (0.0294kgcm/s) = 0.035kg* v’ where final velocity of weight is 0.840 cm/s.
  • Center of mass is seen when the balanced track tips.
    • R = Ʃ (mr)/(m)
  • Torque is applied with the pulley system.
    • T = I * a
  • We had an issue with keeping the cup straight so the cars actually make it into the cup.
  • We do not have full confidence when it comes to starting the device.
  • Sometimes the car does not collide with the weight good enough to tip the balance.
  • Basically we’re not sure this will work at all…