Day 126
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Day 126. Answer as best as you can. 1. What is a prefix? 2. What is a suffix? 3. What are some words that sound alike or look alike and get confused often ? (examples). CRT Review – Commonly-Confused Words. a ccept – to receive; to take; to agree to

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Day 126

Day 126

Answer as best as you can.1. What is a prefix?2. What is a suffix?3. What are some words that sound alike or look alike and get confused often? (examples)

Crt review commonly confused words
CRT Review – Commonly-Confused Words

accept – to receive; to take; to agree to

except – (prep.) but; (conj.) but; unless

advise – (v.) to make a suggestion

advice – (n.) a suggestion

council– (n.) a group of people who are assembled to advise or administrate

counsel– (v.) to advise; to suggest

councilor– (n.) a person who sits on a council

counselor– (n.) a person who gives advice; a psychiatrist


  • No one accept me will be on the trip.

  • My advise is that you study.

  • She sat on the student council.

  • The counselor of the committee heard me speak.

  • She will except the award on my behalf.

Crt review commonly confused words1
CRT Review – Commonly-Confused Words

principal – (n.; adj.) chief; head; main

principle – (n.) a rule, law, or truth

peace – (n.) calmness; lack of violence

piece – (n.) a part; a chunk

than – (conj.) a word used in a comparison

then– (adv.) at that time; next; (works with if statements)

Crt review commonly confused words2
CRT Review – Commonly-Confused Words

weather – (n.) the current state of the climate

whether – (conj.) choice between alternatives

who– (pro.) (used to refer to a person)

which– (pro.) (used to refer to a non-human in a non-restrictive clause)

that – (pro.) (used to refer to non-human in a restrictive clause)

who’s – (abbr.) who is

whose – (pro.) belongs to whom

Day 126

  • Correct each sentence by writing the proper word form. If the sentence is correct, write “no change”

  • 1. Whose going to the ball with me?

  • 2. All we are saying, is give piece a chance.

  • 3. I don’t know weather I want a sandwich or a burrito for lunch.

  • 4. She is better than me at volleyball.

  • 5. In science we learn the principals of matter.

Crt review roots
CRT Review – Roots the sentence is correct, write “no change”

act – (Latin) to do – react, action, activate, counteract, interact

bio – (Greek) life – biography, biology, biochemistry, autobiography

clud– (Latin) close – exclude, include, preclude, exclusive, conclude

fer– (Latin) carry – transfer, infer, refer, defer, ferry, conifer

fract – (Latin) break – fracture, fraction, infraction

gram – (Greek) writing – telegram, grammar, hologram

Crt review roots1
CRT Review – Roots the sentence is correct, write “no change”

mar – (Latin) sea – marine, marina, mariner, submarine

mem – (Latin) remember – memory, remember, memorial, memo, memoir

nav– (Latin) ship – navy, naval, navigate, navigable

pop– (Latin) people – popular, population, populate

port – (Greek) to carry – support, transport, import, report, deport, important

rupt – (Latin) break – erupt, disrupt, rupture, corrupt, abrupt, corruptible

Crt review roots2
CRT Review – Roots the sentence is correct, write “no change”

scribe – (Latin) write – scribble, inscribe, scribe, describe, transcribe

sect – (Latin) cut – section, dissect, intersection, bisect

tele– (Greek) far – television, telephone, telescope, telepathy

tort– (Latin) twist – contort, torture, distort, tortilla

uni – (Latin) one – unicycle, universe, united, union, uniform, unison, unique, unicorn

Crt review roots3
CRT Review – Roots the sentence is correct, write “no change”

counter – (Latin prefix) counterattack, counteract, counterpoint, counter

de – (Latin prefix) down – deposit, decent, deplete, denounce, demolish

sur– (Latin prefix) over – surplus, surpass, surcharge, surface, surmount, surname