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Various Services in WordPress-Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Various Services in WordPress-Development

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Various Services in WordPress-Development
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Various Services in WordPress-Development

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  1. Various Services in WordPress Development

  2. Why Should I Use WordPress? WordPress is a free & open-source blogging tool & content management system (CMS) based on PHP an MySQL. WordPress feature includes plugins and template system. WordPress allows users to build dynamic websites and blogs.

  3. What Are The Ways to Use WordPress? There are lot of ways to use WordPress than to think its just another blog site but you can use WordPress as following: 1. Blog or CMS 2. E-Stores 3. Customer Relationship Management 4. Customized Job Board 5. Gallery or Video Collection Site 6. Portfolio

  4. Benefits Of WordPress Development 1. Focus your attention on ROI. 2. CMS will be developed to fit your particular company needs. 3. Responsive design elements you want to incorporate which will benefit your business. 4. Type of dynamic content you want to display on different electronic medium. 5. Type of content that will maximize your business model.

  5. Features Of WordPress Development Many people believe WordPress is merely a blog site. One of the best kept secrets of web developers is that WordPress’ main program is really a content management tool.

  6. WordPress Theme Development Creating a WordPress Theme Development can take quite a bit of work. You can use the same theme on more than one website. Few Things to consider while developing a WordPress Theme: Time, Budget, Capability, Future Proofing, Repetition.

  7. WordPress Plugin Development Plugin is a collection of code files and are a great way to enhance the functionality of your website by adding in extra features.

  8. WordPress is Safe and Secure! WordPress is a favourite of bloggers as well as a target for spammers & Hackers. Not only is WordPress pretty easy to install but WordPress is also surprisingly easy to update for security and new functionality.

  9. Wordpress Performance Optimization! As we add more content, the page loading time detorates & at some points it stops functioning. With the help of performance optimization, you can customized scripts or use plugins to make the site efficient & optimize to get a better performance.

  10. Easy WordPress Maintenance & Support WordPress interact differently with various servers, browsers, and scripting languages. There are still times when making simple changes can go horribly wrong. It can be solved in a matter of minutes by experts.

  11. PSD To WordPress Theme Coding When it comes to creating an appealing look for your site, few tools can rival Photoshop. It also allows you to integrate custom graphics into an HTML template. PSD in WordPress preserves the best graphical elements of your website.

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