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GORUCK Website evaluation. Brian Fuller University of Connecticut OPIM 5894 Dr. T. Dowding 2012. ORIGINS. What is GORUCK?? GORUCK is a newly formed military grade gear manufacturing company Owned, operated, and inspired by current and ex-U.S. special forces ( Army Green Beret)

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Goruck website evaluation
GORUCK Website evaluation

Brian Fuller

University of Connecticut

OPIM 5894

Dr. T. Dowding



  • What is GORUCK??

    • GORUCK is a newly formed military grade gear manufacturing company

    • Owned, operated, and inspired by current and ex-U.S. special forces (Army Green Beret)

    • Online retail operation, headquartered in Washington, D.C., with all gear built in the U.S.A.

    • Gear is tested and marketed through the GORUCK challenge (GRC), with discounts applied when purchased through a challenge

    • Operates on a foundation of under promising and over delivering everything it does. “details not forthcoming” = limited outsider information, especially in regards to the GRC

    • go·ruck  [verb go + verb ruck] nounruck is short for rucksack (aka backpack), it’s also a verb: to ruck is to move with a rucksack, and implies action,

    • energy, and purpose.

Purpose voice of the business
Purposevoice of the business

  • The GORUCK website has multiple purposes:

    • Display GORUCK gear and its suggested use

    • Market GORUCK gear through the GRC

      • benefits charity through the Green Beret Foundation

    • Highlight American businesses and related news

    • Describe where GORUCK came from (in brief)

    • Display GORUCK’s warranty information

    • Give (limited) information on the company’s marketing tool, the GORUCK challenge

Target audience
Target Audience

  • Adventure and challenge enthusiasts

    • People who have never completed a GRC event

      • Ruck sales are primary objective (Echo, Radio, GR1, GR2)

        • Driven through GRCwhere extremely durable rucks are required

      • Signing up event participants and spreading GORUCK info

        • All event sales benefit the Green Beret Foundation

    • GRT’s (GORUCK Tough) who have completed challenges looking for more

      • Accessories

      • Additional challenge events

      • Social media

        • Connect GRTs together

        • Share inside info regarding past and future events

Competitive analysis
Competitive Analysis

  • Tough Mudder

    • Site dedicated to adventure and challenge enthusiasts

    • Event focused

    • Formed and designed with military special forces mindset

    • Benefits military charity

      • Wounded Warrior Project

    • Clothing sales

    • Training

    • TM community

Competitive analysis1
Competitive Analysis

  • S.E.R.E Performance

    • Site dedicated to adventure seekers and challenge enthusiasts

    • Event focused

    • Limited information presented

    • Supports military charity

      • Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Functional comparison
Functional Comparison

  • Scenario

    • 3 users attempting to sign up for an event

    • 3 users attempting to purchase gear/clothing

  • Tasks

    • Find:

      • website for each company

      • the page to signup for an event with each company

      • the page to purchase 1 piece of gear/clothing

      • enough information to tell a friend what the purpose of each site is


  • Task 1

    • All 3 sites easily found with a Google search if using the exact title phrase

    • SERE is a specific military training event that shows up with multiple incorrect listings if “SERE Performance” is not entered

  • Task 2

    • Tough Mudder is by far the simplest site to navigate when trying to sign up for an event. 4 clicks after choosing “events” or “view event calendar” on the home page and users are at the registration page

    • GORUCK users were eventually successful, but it took far more searching and clicking before finding the link to the actual challenge page. Averaged 8clicks to find the link

    • SERE users were unable to successfully get to a registration page!


  • Task 3

    • As could be expected, the GORUCK site was the easiest to navigate when it came to purchasing gear. 3 clicks from the home page and you are in a shopping cart ready to check out

    • Tough Mudder users had a harder time finding the correct page to purchase clothing, but after a short time searching the link was found on the about page. 2 clicks from there and users could check out

    • SERE doesn’t currently sell any gear

  • Task 4

    • Tough Mudder was the easiest for users to identify and explain a purpose due to the pure challenge focus with course maps, write-up’s on experiences, and training regiments detailed

    • GORUCK users were able to get a brief description based on posted info

    • within the site. Although available, detailwas very limited

    • SERE users were only able to describe it as “a site promoting a

    • military based challenge”


  • GORUCK’s website currently functions as intended, and all users are able to navigate to the information they need. With the military background and focus, the theme of “details not forthcoming” is easily seen in their design but all fundamental questions are answered

    • Primary recommendation is to add a well titled link for the challenge page