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Explain company selling policies.

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Explain company selling policies. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing PI: 2.03. Explain company selling policies. SELLING POLICIES. Selling policies - the general rules set down by management to guide the personal-selling effort and outline how things must be done.

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explain company selling policies

Marketing PI: 2.03

Explain company selling policies.

selling policies
  • Selling policies -the general rules set down by management to guide the personal-selling effort and outline how things must be done.
    • Policies governing the return of goods are covered under a business's selling policies.
selling policies cont d
  • Selling policies: guidelines for selling. How will products be sold?
      • How are sales tracked? Receipt, online, customer information?
      • What is the customer given at the completion of the transaction?
      • Are there any government rules or regulations that must be followed?
      • A salesperson should know the accepted procedure for handling returns and not refer the customer to the manufacturer or consult the buyer. The customer may not want to exchange the item but obtain a credit or refund.
selling activity policies
Selling Activity Policies

Selling Activity Policies – Guidelines for selling activities that involve interaction with customers or potential customer.

What are the guidelines for greeting a customer?

Is there standard information that needs to be passed on to the customer?

You should never say “it’s not my job”

Always focus on the wants and needs of the customers. (The Market Concept)

terms of sale policies
  • Terms-of-sale policies: Guidelines covering the aspects of a sale with which customers are usually most concerned through price, delivery, credit, discount, and guarantee policies.
    • What conditions apply to each type of sale? (Think airline tickets, e-Bay, close-outs)
      • Age, condition of customer (think “bar”), single or double occupancy.
      • Conditions for returns (What will be allowed?) What if the dress has been worn?
      • Deadlines for returning products (used or new car purchases, haircuts)
      • Method of refund (including money vs. store credit)
service policies
  • Service policies: Guidelines governing the support a company provides to the customer after the sale through return, repair, and installation policies.
      • What is included in the sale of the product?
        • Warranties (implied or explicit)
        • Delivery.
        • Training.
why are selling policies important

Selling policies standardize sales.

Ensures that the company and the customers understand how products are sold.

Protects the company, legally.

why are selling policies needed

Proves that all customers are treated the same way

Increases efficiency of the sales people.

external factors that affect selling policies
EXTERNAL factors that affect selling policies

City, county, state and/or Federal regulations.

Competitors’ actions.

Changes in customer expectations.

Changes in costs of producing the products.

internal factors that affect selling policies
INTERNAL factors that affect selling policies
  • Sales quotas.
  • New management.
  • Changes in goals.
  • Financial resources
    • If a company has limited financial resources, it selling policies may contain strict requirements for credit approval.
regulatory factors that affect selling policies
REGULATORY factors that affect selling policies

The distribution channel might require specific policies in exchange for using that channel (e-Bay for example).

Implicit warranties.

problems with selling policies
PROBLEMS with selling policies

Policies cover specific circumstances, so some situations will not fit the current policies.

Misinterpretation by a salesperson.

Some customers will ask for exceptions to policies in exchange for increased business or because of a history with your company.