26 th october 2010
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26 th October 2010. Morning Devotion. The morning session was started by a Burmese song about peace.

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26 th october 2010

26th October 2010

Morning devotion
Morning Devotion

  • The morning session was started by a Burmese song about peace.

  • India shared morning prayer. Rev SudhansuNaik, Sarvajeet and AP Vintoy shared a beautiful Indian song. They also shared Mathew 5:9-12.Sarvjeet shared a story of Australian missionary working with people affected by Leprosy in India.

  • Saw Mort shared his river of life. Though he was born in Burma he took refuge in Thailand and worked there as migrant worker(free labor).He also volunteered in a group fighting against government. 1998 he finished his high school in refugee camp. He worked as teacher for students in Refugee camp.1999 he went Bangkok and meet Max and got some training on community organization. He is working for Burma Issue a non-profit organization till now.

26 th october 2010

  • Sidonia gave 25th Oct daily notes.

Flim review invictus
Flim Review- Invictus

  • Khon Mai

  • She found the movie very inspirational for her favourite leader is Nelson Mandela and his leadership is inspirational and innovative.

  • Sarvajeet

  • He likes the philosophy of leadership given by Mandela

  • Isabelle

  • For her the movie is about understanding and accepting each other and the differences

26 th october 2010

  • Bruce

  • The film shows the wonderful example of leadership bringing people together. Also the leadership of Mandel will be ideal for Asian countries

  • Roger

  • Roger wants this kind of leadership in Srilanka .

  • KeoVichith

  • Never give up as Mandela.

Conflict and violence
Conflict and violence

  • Definition of Conflict

  • A) Disagreement between two or more parties.

  • B)Power ,parties, ideas, philosophies that may result in chaos, violence, war. Also frustration within yourself and between those who have different goals, needs and interests.

  • C) Conflict is an opportunity, negative peace is conflict.

26 th october 2010

Conflict management conflict resolution conflict transformation
Conflict Management is the evil.Conflict ResolutionConflict Transformation

  • -

Justice is the evil.

  • The Retributive Justice

  • Buddhist 7 fold paths in Justice

  • No Justice No Peace

    Know Justice Know Peace

    We discuss about the picture

    Problem Solutions

    Environments Reforest ration

    Water Irrigation

    Traditional agriculture Excepts needed

    Answer: If we don’t see the whole picture ,we can not know the

    whole condition.

26 th october 2010

Example : is the evil.

  • We discussion about the slam in Bangkok .

  • Throwing the baby in the garbage. If you see that baby ,he how will you solve the solution.(Answer: We need to think critically.)

  • About the eating fish.( Answer: Long time to think. Don't think short.)

  • Critical thinking

  • Awareness

    Silence is not an Option!

Learning about
Learning about is the evil.

  • What is sympathy and empathy?

  • What is neutrality?

  • What is your standing point?

    You need to think your standing point . Where do u stand?

    Don’t be busy!

    Be Effective.