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Welcome!. The training will begin shortly. If you’re experiencing technical difficulties please visit - noi12 .co/ OnyC98 to read frequently asked webinar tech questions. . Strategically using your network to help you land a job. Presenter: Tanya Tarr. Moderator:. Nick Niles.

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The training will begin shortly. If you’re experiencing technical difficulties please visit - to read frequently asked webinar tech questions.



Nick Niles


Tanya Tarr

Political Director

Texas American Federation of Teachers


Sidekick Coaching


Introductions and Polls (5mins)

  • Get Into The Stream (10 mins)
  • Promoting without being a Jerk (10 mins)
  • Gauge Your Network (10 mins)
  • Do Your Homework (10 mins)
  • Questions from you (10 mins)
  • Thank you and wrap up (5 mins)

#1Get into the stream

  • Sign up on as many job announcement lists as possible
    • NOI, Democratic GAIN, EMILY’s List, Progressive Exchange,,, campaign alum, college alum
    • If you are in DC, go to events and fundraisers
    • Make sure you have your resume, cover letter and at least two writing samples (2 page memos) ready to go
    • Treat Informational Interviews like the real thing

Promote without being a jerk

  • Be curious, be genuine, be grounded
    • You rarely get a chance to make a second impression
    • Work on your “elevator pitch” – crisply articulate your career goals through interesting questions
    • Always stay positive and forward-thinking
    • Talk about what you did on a campaign or project (things you were directly responsible for)
    • Talk about concrete problems you solved

Social Protocol tips

  • Be formal until you are told you can be more casual.
  • Lead with respect, and thank in advance
  • Never ask for more than 15-30 minutes
  • Always offer to meet them where they are
  • Never be late, and avoid rescheduling
  • Always send a brief (3 sentence) thank you email after the meeting (wait at least 1 hour)
  • Be authentic

Gauge your network

  • Line up potential references – appropriate references are former bosses (not peers or colleagues)
  • Be sure to let them know where you are at in the job-seeking process
  • Never directly ask about jobs, but finesse by asking indirectly about leads
  • Develop validators – these are peers, colleagues or friends who are connected to the job decision-maker

Do your homework

  • Know the history of the organizations you are interviewing with
  • Never ask for advice for a job to someone from a rival organization
  • Same thing applies to personal relationships
  • Use Facebook and LinkedIn for research

Organizational history

  • Change to Win (SEIU, UFCW, Laborers) vs. AFL-CIO
  • Planned Parenthood vs NARAL
  • Nation Builder vs. NGPVAN
  • Sierra Club vs. League of Conservation Voters
  • Keep your Dem groups straight (DNC, DSCC, DCCC, DGA, DLCC)

Major Takeaways

  • Get Into The Stream: Job lists, Events, Informational interviews
  • Don’t Be a Jerk: Be Curious, Genuine, Grounded, and Pay attention to social protocol
  • Do Your Homework: Social Media, Organization History, Personal Relationships
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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

And please share your feedback and pay it forward!