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  2. Parts of SXBlue II • One SXBlue II GPS Receiver with battery pack • One Precision Antenna • One Antenna cable • One RS-232 cable • One USB cable • One Li-Ion Battery Charger • One Nylon Carrying Case • One CD-ROM containing manuals, utilities (pocket max,PC-max,Active Sync.,Rinex converter tool), configuration files, etc

  3. Parts of SX Blue II GPS:- SXBlue II Receiver Charger Jack Battery Pack

  4. GPS LED Indicators ON/OFF Button Battery Gauge Indicator Battery Gauge Button

  5. USB Port GPS Antenna Connector RS-232 Port

  6. Precision Antenna • The Precision Antenna supplied with the SXBlue II GPS has been designed to provide reliable, stable and consistent sub-meter positioning.

  7. Red Power indicator – when the SXBlue II GPS is powered, this LED will illuminate. When battery is low, the Power indicator will start blinking for 20 minutes prior to auto shut-down. • Green GPS Lock indicator – once the SXBlue II GPS achieves a solid GPS lock, this LED will remain illuminated. If this LED continues to blink, it could be an indication of a receiver hardware failure. • Orange DGPS Position indicator – this LED will illuminate when the receiver has achieved a differential position and not relevant to us now. • Yellow Differential lock indicator – this indicator will illuminate continuously when the SXBlue II GPS has achieved a solid SBAS lock and this is not relevant now. • Blue Bluetooth indicator – this LED will illuminate when there is a Bluetooth connection between the SXBlue II GPS and a Bluetooth compatible device and off when there is no Bluetooth connection.

  8. The soft ware used are: • Active sync. :--(initially to be installed in to PC). It acts as ‘bridge’ between PC and any PDA. • Now we can access PDA with the help of PC. • Loading of Pocket max 2.2.0 (pda version):-- Place Pocket max software in to PDA devise and run it.

  9. Configuring Bluetooth Communication CHAPTER – II CONFIGURING DGPS WITH PDA • The two major steps are: discovering a Bluetooth device and assigning a communication port number to the discovered device. • The data collection software will then call the assigned port number to receive the data from the SXBlue II GPS.

  10. CHAPTER – III COLLECTION OF RAW DATA (STATIC/KINEMATIC) Just click on the pocket max in PDA the following pages will be displayed for the collection of data in static mode and in kinematic mode

  11. Go to setup Keep 1st,3rd,5th,7th,8th &9th fields as 1hz

  12. Go to ‘LOGS’ -----Raw data Keep Bin95 and 96 as 1 Hz

  13. Thank You