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Beowulf Vocabulary

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Beowulf Vocabulary. Section 1. Afflict verb. Definition- To distress with physical or mental pain. How can a person be afflicted?. Synonyms- Agonize, Bother. Antonyms - Aid , Solace. Exile verb. Definition- Expulsion from one’s native land by authoritative decree.

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Beowulf Vocabulary

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    1. Beowulf Vocabulary Section 1

    2. Afflict verb Definition- To distress with physical or mental pain How can a person be afflicted? Synonyms- Agonize, Bother Antonyms- Aid, Solace

    3. Exile verb Definition- Expulsion from one’s native land by authoritative decree Synonyms- Deport, Ban Antonyms- Import, Welcome

    4. Fiend noun Definition- A person of extreme wickedness or maliciousness Synonyms- Beast, Savage, Brute Antonyms- Angel

    5. Lament verb Definition- To express sorrow, mourning, or regret Synonyms- Grieving, Wail Antonyms- Celebrate, Laud

    6. Moor noun Definition- an open area with overgrown shrubs where drainage is poor. Synonyms- Bog, Marsh, Fen

    7. Reparation verb Definition- Making amends for wrong or injury done Synonyms- Penance, Recompense Antonyms- Extortion, Penalty

    8. Righteousadjective Definition-Morally right or justifiable Synonyms- Honorable, Laudable Antonyms- Corrupt, Immoral

    9. Solace verb Definition-To comfort or console Synonyms-Allay, Comfort Antonyms- Upset, Aggravate

    10. TalonsNoun Definition-A claw, especially of a bird of prey

    11. Thresholdnoun Definition-The entrance to a house or building Synonyms-Doorway, Entrance