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Narrative Paragraphs

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Narrative Paragraphs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Narrative Paragraphs

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  1. Narrative Paragraphs

  2. WHAT IS A NARRATIVE PARAGRAPH? • Narratives tell stories. Everyone has read narratives, watched them on television or heard them from other people. A narrative paragraph tells a short story or describes an event. • In other words, it is a story about a personal memory. • It’s about a time so important that you don’t ever want to forget.

  3. Good Choice A house fire A car accident A death Getting lost A scary time Bad Choice Getting out of bed Eating dinner Meeting your friend What Would Make a Good Narrative and What Wouldn’t?

  4. A Personal Narrative is... • a story that really happened ( a true story). • a story that happened to or observed by the writer. • a story that makes the reader think or feel the same as the writer felt at that time • a story that shows strong feelings. • a story that is written in the first person. Use these words: I, me, my, us, we

  5. A good Narration • It reveals something of importance to you (your main point) • It includes all of the major events of the story. • It uses details to bring the story to life. • It presents the events in a clear order, usually according to when it happened.

  6. Before After During First Next Second Then Finally while Later At last Last Eventually Meanwhile Since Now Soon when Common time transitions

  7. Writing a Narrative Paragraph A narrative paragraph has 3 parts: • The topic sentence – introduces the experience • The body sentences – share details that re-create the experience • The concluding sentence – reflects on the experience

  8. Guidelines of a Narrative Paragraph • Write out the topic sentence and circle the point of view. • List any background information. • Briefly summarize the incident (write several sentences telling what happened in your own words) • Write all of these sentences support your point of view? • Are the events in the story in chronological order?

  9. A UFO Sighting I never believed in aliens before one night last year.It was a cold, dark winter evening, and I was walking home from a friend’s house. I stopped to tie my shoe. When I looked up again, I saw a round object coming toward me. It was very large and shiny. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Before I could shout or run, the object suddenly moved and then disappeared. After the object disappeared, I ran all the way home and called my best friend. When she picked up the phone, I couldn’t say anything. I knew she would think I was crazy. I never told anyone about my UFO sighting.

  10. Ask yourself questions: • When was an important time in my life? • What has happened in my experience that I would enjoy writing about? • Is there an event in my life that other people would enjoy hearing about? • How did I feel about a particular experience? • Who was involved? • Why do I remember this event so strongly? • What effect did it have on me? • Did anything change because of this experience? • What interesting experiences do I know of that happened to other people?

  11. 1. Write about a recent experience or incident you witnessed that left a strong impression on you. 2. Write about an event when you were proud of someone in your family. 3. Think of a time when you had to do something against your wishes. Or4. Think of a memorable experience you have had – it could be frightening or amusing.

  12. Activity: Complete the middle parts of the two stories below. A Fright in the forest Suddenly I felt very cold and scared. I grew up in a small town in the countryside. Near my house was a large forest, and my parents told me not to play there. After that day, I never went back to the forest. One day, I was playing in the forest with some of my school friends. 2)- A Strange Day in Class: I have been studying English for a few years and I really enjoy the classes. I heard everyone laughing. I woke up and realized it was a dream. One day something unusual happened in class. The teacher was explaining grammar when I saw something strange