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Unit 12 Fact and Fantasy PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 12 Fact and Fantasy

Unit 12 Fact and Fantasy

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Unit 12 Fact and Fantasy

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  1. Unit 12Fact and Fantasy BY ZHANG JIANBIN

  2. He was a French. His father wanted him to be a l_______, but he d________ his love for the t_________. He studied b______ and a_____ science. He always laid the f_________ of modern science f______. In the novel 20000 Leagues under the Sea, three c________ set out to find the m_______. At last they found it and in the c_______, they were thrown o__________. In their e_______ to survive, they found themselves on the monster, which turned out to be a s_______ and they were kept as p________ guests. awyer eveloped otany heatre pplied oundation iction ompanions onster ollision verboard fforts ubmarine ermanent

  3. The submarine is an e____________ ship.The furniture is very p_______. And e__________is used to d______ the ship against a______. D______in diving suits, they walked around. They found themselves s___________ by colorful things. Maybe sometimes you will find Nemo is so c______, but he is also g_______ and weak. Another story begins with the d________ of an ancient d__________.Two men entered the earth through a dead v_____________, and walked along its s_______. xtraordinary recious lectricity efend ttacks ressed urrounded ruel entle ocument iscovery olcano hores

  4. Test yourself on some linguistic knowledge: (use your own words to paraphrase) 1. “ To make a living, Verne had to write and sell stories” . Verne had to …in order to make a life/ make money. nottheoretical, practical 2. applied science 3.By taking the scientific developments of his day one step further, Verne laid the foundation of modern science fiction. (translation) 通过将他所处时代的科学发展向前推进一步, 儒勒.凡儿纳奠定了现代科幻小说的基础。

  5. 4. It is believed to be caused by a sea monster. People believe that it is caused by a sea monster. 5. set out to do set about doing 6. In their efforts to survive, they find themselves on the surface of the monster itself, which turns out (to be) a submarine. come to be known; prove to be sb/sth 尽管今早看起来要下雨,但结果却是晴天。 (1)Though it looked like rain this morning, it turned out (to be) fine. 结果那个会议很没意思。 (2)The meeting turned out to be a boring one.

  6. 7. his permanent guests his long-term guests 8. All that is needed for life on board comes from ocean. What is needed for life in the ship are all from the ocean. 9. Dressed in diving suits, Captain Nemo and his guests walk around in the magic world. Because they are dressed in diving suits, Captain Nemo walked around in the magic world with his guests.

  7. 2.句型转换,变为同义句: (1)He makes a living by teaching. He ______ ______ ______ by teaching. earns his living (2)Mr Smith set out for Shanghai this morning. Mr Smith _____ _____ Shanghai this morning. Mr Smith ______ ______ ______ Shanghai this morning. left for set off for (3)His dream of being a pilot has come true. His dream of being a pilot ______ ______ ______. has been realised (4)This theory turned out to be wrong. This theory ______ ______ ______ wrong. proved to be

  8. (5)The girl dressed in red is my sister. The girl ______ ______ is my sister. in red (6)He has improved his speaking ability by reading aloud. He has improved his speaking ability ______ ______ ______ reading aloud. by means of (7)Although he was a child,he knew a lot about music. ______ ______ ______ ______,he knew a lot about music. Child as he was (8)Nothing remained in the room except the old painting. Nothing ______ ______ in the room except the old painting. was left

  9. 1.让我们着手干这项工作吧。 2.不久他就要回来了 3.这张照片使我想起了我的童年。 4.他的理论被证明是正确的。 5.他已经坐了五年牢了。 6.随着经济的发展,我们的生活越来越好。 Let’s set out to do the work. It will not be long before he comes back. This photo reminds me of my childhood. His theory turned out to be true. He has been in prison for 5 years. With the development of the economy, our life is becoming better and better.

  10. 7.我事实上已经把梦想变成了现实 8.她给她女儿穿上一件红裙子。 9.她的歌声引起了我们的注意。 10.买不买那件衣服他犹豫不决 11.小时候他经常劈柴火。 I have actually made my dream cometrue. She dressed her daughter in a red skirt. Her song attracted /drew our attention. He hesitated to buy that dress. In his childhood, he often cut up firewood.

  11. 1.虽然只是小孩,他却爱上了科幻小说。 ____ ____ he is , he _____ ________ ____ _____ for the_________ _______. 2.当他们在海上捕鱼时,他们被一个大浪扔出船外。 When _______ on the sea, they ______ ______ __________ 3.在消防队员为救出那个小孩而努力时,在场的每个人都屏住呼吸。 __ ____ _______ ____ save the child, all the people _______ held ______ ________. 4.这部电影使他想起他小时侯在巴黎所见到的一切。 The film ___________ him _____ _____ he had seen in his childhood in Paris. 5.永远的成功需要的是永远的努力。 ___________ success needs ___________ ________. Child as has developed his love science fiction fishing were thrown overboard In the efforts to present their breath reminded of what Permanent permanent efforts

  12. 6.一见到沉没的人和船只时,我们都哭了。 ___ ______ the people _______ and the ship _________, we all cried. 7.根据清朝的一个古文献记载,太湖不属于无锡而 属于我们苏州。 _________ ____ an _______ _________ of the Qing Dynasty , Taihu Lake _________ _____ Suzhou but not Wuxi. 8.据说最终许多 游客都被卷入了渐渐加速的海啸 而丧失了生命。 It’s said that _____ _______ were ______ ___ the _________speed tsunami, and lost their lives. On seeing drowned sunk According to ancient document belonged to drawn into many tourists increasing

  13. 9.穿上那件滑稽的外套,他发现他被一群小孩包围着正嘲笑他呢。9.穿上那件滑稽的外套,他发现他被一群小孩包围着正嘲笑他呢。 ________ in the funny coat, he found him ____________by a crowd of children _________ ______ him. 10.人们相信这场灾难是由不保护环境引起的。 It is _______ _______ the disaster ____ ______ ___ not ___________the environment. 11.那时侯,人们不得不带上口罩保护自己免受非典的袭击。 At that time , people had to ____ ______ to ______ themselves _______ the _______. Dressed laughing surrounded at believed that was caused by protecting wear masks defend against SARS

  14. 1.He narrowly escaped______in the fighting. • kill be killed • C.killing D.being killed • 2.-Why do people prefer to take a window seat on the plane? • -Because the window_____the outside world. • A.takes a view of B.keeps a view of • C.has a view of a view of • 3.The weather report says it will_____cold tomorrow. • A.turn up B.turn out C.turn on D.turn in

  15. 4.She drew the______before switching on the light. • A.shades B.masks C.coverings D.curtains • 5.-It's______that he said:"I am______ • to help you." • -Don't take it seriously.He is always playing that trick. • A.sure;sure B.certain;certain C.sure;certain D.certainly;curely

  16. 6.-How much is the rent of the house,Mrs Sandra? • -One hundred dollars,the electricity and telephone fee_______. • A.contained B.containing C.including D.included • 7.Please find some books that______these matters. • A.light upon B.give light upon • C.throw light upon D.throws light upon • 8.A lot of people here,______John,would rather have coffee. • A.for example B.for instance C.namely D.such as

  17. 9.My brother worked all summer vacation,saving money to_____his hobby of photography.(03Sh) • C.hunt D.pursue • 10.What is the______between Nangjing and Shanghai? • A.distance B.length C.width D.height • 11.The boy listens to the teacher______,so everything seems easy to him. • A.attention B.attentively C.attentive D.attend

  18. 12.A man who hesitates______everything cannot do anything successfully. • do B.doing • C.for doing doing • 13.He observed her______across the street. • come B.comes C.coming D.came • 14.I______what you said but I don't______you. • A.believe;believe B.believe in;believe • C.believe in;believe inD.believe;believe in

  19. 15.It is so nice to hear from her.______,we last met more than thirty years ago.(2002 Beijing) • A.What's more B.That is to say C.In other words. D.Believe it or not

  20. 1.单句改错: (1)He spent the whole night on watching TV. (2)You should protect yourself of getting burnt. (3)Straw can be used to making paper. (4)I saw him walk through the square. (5)He broke the rule,so he couldn’t escape from punishing. (6)He went there in search for the lost boy. (7)He entered into the classroom as soon as the bell rang. (8)I doubt that the news is true. on→(in) of→from or against making→make through →across from punishing →being punished for →of 将into去掉 that → if/whether

  21. Ⅴ.高考真题: 1.(2003上海)Generally speaking,______ according to the directions,the drug has no side effect. A.when taking B.when taken C.when to take D.when to be taken 2.(2003上海春)Many students signed up for the _____ race in the sports meeting to be held next week. A.800-metre-long B.800-metres-long C.800-metre length D.800 metres length 3.(2004上海春)The poliot asked all the passengers on board to remain ______ as the plane was making a landing. B.seating C.seated be seating 4.(2004北京春)Luckily,we’d brought a road map without ______ we would have lost our way. B.that C.this D.which 5.(2004浙江)We wanted to get home before dark, but it didn’t quite ______ as planned. A.make out B.turn out C.go on D.come up

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