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Cardio with Kelly. K-12 CIT Academy August 2009. NISD. C&I. Technology. YOU. The Circulatory System.

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cardio with kelly

Cardio with Kelly

K-12 CIT Academy

August 2009

the circulatory system





The Circulatory System

The bodily system consisting of the heart, blood vessels, and blood that circulates blood throughout the body, delivers nutrients and other essential materials to cells, and removes waste products. Also called cardiovascular system.

Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition.

heart of the matter

Technology Services is your teammate in the education and success of children

Heart of the Matter
  • Success of childrenthrough professional development for teachers and direct instruction to students is the fundamental essence of the work of the CIT
great rhythm 2008 2009
Great Rhythm 2008-2009!
  • Completed Technology Bond lifecycle deployments at 22 campuses. By the end of the summer, professional staff at 10 campuses will have been issued wireless mobile laptop computers and accessories.
  • Completed ceiling-mounted classroom projector deployments at 52 campuses.
  • Installed wireless network at 29 remaining campuses, which completed the District-wide wireless project at all NISD facilities. This includes NISD WiFi which allows staff and secondary students to access the Internet using their personal computers.
great rhythm 2008 20095
Great Rhythm 2008-2009!
  • Implemented R-TIME, a new process and electronic system to submit and process a “Request for Technology and Instructional Materials Evaluation.” Processed an average of 7 requests per day, adding 4,200+ items to the NISD approved lists, getting technology and supplementary instructional materials into the hands of students and staff in a more timely and efficient manner (30-day average disposition).
  • Upgraded the District’s VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone system servers and software, providing better performance, reliability, functionality, and security for all users.
great rhythm 2008 20096
Great Rhythm 2008-2009!
  • Implemented two-tiered Internet filtering policy, thereby providing employees with access to more websites than students in order to meet instructional and operational needs.
  • Completed ISMS (Integrated Security Management System) equipment deployment to all middle school campuses (camera system, badging station, access control).
  • Successfully piloted School Central notification system.
keep up the pace 2009 2010
Keep up the Pace 2009-2010!
  • Repeat online technology literacy assessment for all eighth graders District-wide and explore strategies to strengthen the Technology Applications curriculum implementation at the middle school level.
  • Complete Technology Bond lifecycle deployments at 19 campuses, to include a mobile wireless laptop for every educator.
  • Complete ceiling-mounted classroom projector deployments to all classrooms District-wide.
  • Implement a new self-service password synchronization and management system for employees.
keep up the pace 2009 20108
Keep up the Pace 2009-2010!
  • Implement the E-mail Fitness Campaign to communicate new mailbox size allocations per user group, e-mail retention legal requirements and best practices (Administrative Regulation TEC-09), and Groupwise "How To's" for archiving, deleting, organizing, etc. messages.
  • Purchase and deploy at least three mobile carts with 40 iPods each to rotate among all-level classrooms, providing staff development and support for teacher-created lessons and best practices for student instructional use.
keep up the pace 2009 20109
Keep up the Pace 2009-2010!
  • Microsoft Office 2007 transition
  • Continue migration of campuses and departments to the Active Directory network
  • Implement millions of dollars of stimulus-funded hardware and software
  • Implement all-level NISD Digital Citizenship curriculum
  • Promote Technology Core Competencies for All Employees
  • Implement individual student logins at all AD secondary campuses

Social Networking: Cautionary Tales for School Employees (to Prevent Anxiety, Heartburn or Worse)

social networking sites
Social Networking Sites
  • Most social networking sites are NOT blocked for employees (e.g., flickr, facebook, myspace, ning, skype, delicious, edublogs, youtube, pbwiki, etc.)
  • These sites may be used at work, when needed and appropriate, for NISD school-business purposes (not personal business).
  • Social networking websites allow you to express yourself, share ideas and interests, chat with friends, meet new people, and learn new things. Just remember that following a few precautions will go a long way to protect your privacy and safety.
  • Even if used only at home, only, there are recommended precautions for school staff.
kansas city teachers troubles
Kansas City Teachers’ Troubles

Downloaded 6/24/09 from

employees social networking
Employees & Social Networking
  • The Whole World is Watching. NEAtoday. April 2009.
  • Twitter Gets You Fired in 140 Characters or Less. MSNBC. March 2009.
  • 5 Ways Your Computer Use Can Get You Fired. U.S. News & World Report. March 2008.
  • Teachers Disciplined for Facebook Postings. Raleigh, North Carolina News & Observer. November 2008.
  • Teachers Face Dilemma with Facebook. Houston Chronicle. December 2008.
selected quotes from the articles
Selected Quotes from the Articles
  • “Nowadays, thanks to advances in technology, you don't even need a major publisher to get fired; just post your racy photos, sexually graphic writings, or wild party stories on a personal Web blog. You'll be amazed by how quickly tech-savvy students can disseminate your postings to their friends and your employer.”
  • “It's the general rule that school employees can be disciplined for off-duty conduct if the school district can show that the conduct had an adverse impact on the school or the teacher's ability to teach. And it wouldn't be too difficult to make that showing if the teacher's blog includes sexually explicit or other inappropriate content and is widely viewed by students.”
selected quotes from the articles15
Selected Quotes from the Articles
  • “The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2004 that it was not a violation of the First Amendment for the City of San Diego to fire a police officer for posting a sexually explicit video of himself on the Internet. The unanimous Court said that such speech was ‘detrimental to the mission and functions of the employer.’ ”
  • “Last year, a U.S. District Court ruled that a Connecticut school district's decision to fire a probationary teacher because of his postings to his MySpace page did not violate the teacher's First Amendments rights. The court called the online exchanges between the teacher and his students ‘inappropriate’ and added that ‘such conduct could very well disrupt the learning atmosphere of the school.’ ”
selected quotes from the articles16
Selected Quotes from the Articles
  • “When you're in a professional position, especially one where you're interacting with children and parents, you need to be above reproach.”
  • “[Keep your online profile] entirely PG … no cursing …no photos of having a good time on the weekend — nothing like that.”
  • “For teachers who want to connect with their tech-savvy students, maintain professional boundaries. Never ever interact with a student about a personal issue on a social network.”
selected quotes from the articles17
Selected Quotes from the Articles
  • “Never write about work on the Internet unless your boss knows and sanctions the fact that you are writing about work on the Internet.”
  • “The Internet is not your BFF. Everyone has a ‘My boss sucks’ moment. But the prudent know to express this sentiment away from the keyboard.”
  • “Employees who use a company computer for personal matters on company time—whether playing solitaire or checking on their 401(k)'s—are essentially stealing from their employer. It's a new, 21st-century form of theft."
what s the trouble with twitter or why is it blocked in nisd
What’s the Trouble with Twitter? (or Why is it blocked in NISD?)

Downloaded 7/10/09 from

more recommendations
More Recommendations
  • Set your profile as non-public/restricted access; approve your “friends” or subscribers. Be choosy about who you accept. Identity thieves may create fake profiles in order to glean information from you (social engineering)
  • Turn on “pre-approval” of others’ messages before they are posted on your site
  • Consider not posting your photo. It can be altered and broadcast in ways you may not be happy about.
  • Be careful about the information you reveal (e.g, screen name, your workplace, out-of-town trips, yourself / family / friends / students)
more recommendations20
More Recommendations
  • When you sign up for a social networking site use your personal e-mail address, not your NISD e-mail address, to avoid increased spam; do not use you NISD e-number and password for District security reasons
  • Have a strong password and protect it; change it periodically
  • Use caution when you click links that you receive in messages – may be malware, porn, etc.
  • Frequently update your home computer’s anti-virus and security software
  • Educate your children and students about privacy settings, safety tips, cyberbullying, digital citizenship, etc. ( )
employees internet use provides many positive benefits for nisd
Employees’ Internet Use Provides Many Positive Benefits for NISD
  • Information
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Teaching
  • Learning
  • Efficiencies
  • Productivity


2007 survey of 300 u s companies
2007 Survey of 300+ U.S. Companies*
  • 30% have fired workers for misuse of the Internet
    • adult/offensive content (84%), violation of company policy (48%), excessive personal use (34%), other (9%)
  • 65% use Internet filtering software and monitor employees’ Internet use
    • concerned about adult sites (96%), game sites (61%), social networking sites (50%), entertainment (40%), shopping/auction (27%), and sports sites (21%)
  • 28% have fired workers for misuse of e-mail
    • violation of company policy (64%), offensive language (62%), excessive personal use (26%), breach of confidentiality (22%), other (12%)
  • 10% monitor social networking sites for employee pages

* Co-sponsored by the American Management Association and The ePolicy Institute

the heart of a teacher
The Heart of a Teacher

“Your X-ray shows an enlarged heart. It’s nothing to worry about. All teachers have a big heart.”