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Around the Country. New York City budget proposes major cuts to libraries

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Around the Country

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around the country
Around the Country

New York City budget proposes major cuts to libraries

The three library systems that serve New York City face major cuts in Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s proposed FY2010 budget. Representatives from the libraries testified on the likely effects of the 17% funding reduction at a March 13 city council hearing. New York Public Library faces a reduction of $23.2 million. The effects of the cut would be exacerbated by a proposed reduction of $3 million, or 14%, in state funding and by expected downturns in private revenues of some $20 million.... - American Libraries Online, Mar. 27

Concord mayor considers closing library

Library boosters in Concord, New Hampshire, are decrying reports that Mayor Jim Bouley has been talking about shuttering the city library to narrow Concord’s projected FY2010 budget deficit of up to $4.8 million by $1.7 million. The library is one of the few services funded by the city that is not mandated by law. “Everything is going to be affected—library, recreation, police, fire,” Mayor Bouley said.... - American Libraries Online, Mar. 27

from awareness to funding
From Awareness to Funding

The report found that elected officials are supportive of the library but not fully committed to increasing funding. Elected officials are more likely than voters to recognize library financial needs, yet 73% believe the library has sufficient operating funds.

The Library consistently ranks below Police, Fire, Schools and Streets in that order.

recommendations from elected officials
Recommendationsfrom elected officials
  • Stress “the library’s return on investment (ROI) to the community.”
  • “Build strategic partnerships with other public services and programs.”
  • Proactively seek library support.
  • Get “constituents to influence elected officials.”
  • “Stress the library’s broad nonpartisan appeal.”

Sun-Gazette Nov 4, 2008 “Yaw outspends, gets more contributions than his foes “ By MIKE REUTHER

The most recent state Campaign Finance Reports show E. Eugene Yaw far outspending his opponents in the race for 23rd state Senate.Yaw, a Republican, also received more contributions than his opponents in the reporting period between Sept. 16 and Oct. 20.Yaw's campaign, Friends of Gene Yaw for Senate, showed $47,508 in expenses and $81,478 in contributions.By comparison, Democrat Louis "Trey" Casimir spent $12,931 while collecting $24,549 on behalf of his campaign. Michael Dincher, an Independent, spent $4,545 and received $5,950. Yaw's campaign shows a balance of $46,179 and a debt of $238,141, much of it from personal loans and from primary expenses. Casimir has $11,590 in the bank and no debts. Dincher has a cash balance of $1,405 and a debt of $249. The largest amount received by Yaw's campaign was from Friends of Joe Scarnati, Brockway, $25,000. The Senate Republican Campaign Committee made an in-kind contribution of $22,916 to Yaw's campaign. In kind-contributions, which can include services provided in lieu of monetary donations, are listed separately on finance reports.

Yaw received donations from various Political Action Committees and groups. Those contributing $1,000 or more were: Citizens for Pat Brown, Allentown, $5,000; Friends of Jake Corman, $5,000; Friends of Dominic Pileggi, $5,0000; Rafferty for Senate, Worcester, $2,500; Pa. Future Fund PAC, Harrisburg, $2,500; Pa. Bankers Public Affairs Committee, Harrisburg, $2,000; LAW PAC, Harrisburg, $1,000; NFIB-Pennsylvania Safe Trust, Washington, D.C., $1,000; Pa. Medical PAC, Harrisburg, $1,000; Pa. Committee for Affordable Housing, Lemoyne, $1,000; Z PAC Pa. Anesthesiologists' PAC, Harrisburg, $1,000; HAPAC - State, Harrisburg, $1,000. Other organizations contributing to Yaw's campaign were: Pennsylvania Insurance PAC, Philadelphia, $600, and PPL People for Good Government, Allentown, and Pa. Ophthalmology PAC, Harrisburg, each $500. Contributions of $300 were made by: Blue Cross Voice, Wilkes-Barre; Certified Public Accountants, Harrisburg; UGI/PAC, Reading; Greenlee Partners State PAC, Harrisburg; Food PAC of Pennsylvania, Camp Hill; BIKE PAC, Mechanicsburg; Timber PAC, Harrisburg; Highmark Health PAC, Harrisburg; FIRST PAC, Harrisburg; BLUE PAC, Harrisburg, Ark.; Chamber PAC, Harrisburg; Pa. Society of Professional Engineers PAC, Harrisburg; Pugliese PAC, Harrisburg; HA PAC - State, Harrisburg; Pa. Optometric PAC, Harrisburg; Comcast Corp. PAC, Philadelphia.


(cont.) Sun-Gazette Nov 4, 2008 “Yaw outspends, gets more contributions than his foes - By MIKE REUTHER

Individual donations of $250 were from: Katharine J. HardieFalco, Montoursville; Dr. Stephen D. Rockoff, Williamsport; Jane Clapps, Williamsport; Leslie Houser, Montoursville; Daniel Berninger, Muncy; Melissa E. Welch, Cogan Station; Mary Welch, Williamsport; Robert More, Montgomery; Brian Lorson, Montoursville; J. Elliot Strickland Jr., Williamsport; Timothy Pastore, Montoursville; William W. Brooks III, Trout Run; Tania Thomas, Williamsport, and Carol Webb, Hughesville.Charles W. Luppert gave separate donations of $250 and $150. Those giving $200 to Yaw's campaign were: Martha Gandy, Williamsport; Stephen Sleboda Jr., Williamsport, and Thelma White, Pennsdale. Contributions of $150 were made by: Russell A. Mullens, Williamsport; Ann S. Phillips, Cogan Station; Ronald L. Cimini, Williamsport; Stephen E. Schopfer, Cogan Station; Donald E. Stringfellow, Lock Haven; Charles W. Springman, Williamsport; Miriam A. Eck, Montoursville; Kathleen D. O'Brien, Montoursville; Eric S. Fellon, Montoursville; David Mayer, Muncy; Joseph G. Strouse, Williamsport; Kathy M. Kolb, Williamsport; Dr. Albert G. Liddell, Williamsport; Carolyn Martin, Williamsport; Mary A. Johnson, Cogan Station; Mary Wolf, Williamsport; Lenore Penfield, Williamsport; Geneva Small Peck, Hughesville; Denise L. Jarrett, Muncy; Frank B. Lundy II, Williamsport, and Margaretta Stewart, Williamsport.

Casimir received the following contributions from political action committees and other organizations: Friends of Trey Casimir, Lewisburg, $2,125; Union County Democratic Committee, Lewisburg, $2,000; Lycoming County Democratic Committee, Williamsport, $1,000; Bradford County Democratic Committee, Towanda, $500, and AFSCME AFL-CIO Council 13, Harrisburg, $500; Susquehanna County Democratic Committee, Montrose, $250, Larson Design Group PAC, Williamsport, $250, and Williamsport Area Women's Democratic Club PAC, Williamsport, $50.Contributions of $150 or more were from: Braden Magdalen and John Beresford, Kingsley, $5,000; Allen and Catherine Ertel, Montoursville, $4,000; Dave Felico and Mary Forzani, Lewisburg, $1,000; Diane Fitzgerald, Dushore, $500; Charles Sackrey, Lewisburg, $500; Bob Lack, Lewisburg, $250; Faye Beard, Lewisburg, $200; Germaine Donahue, Laporte, $200; Judy Wagner, Lewisburg; $200; Kurt Weist, Harrisburg, $200, and Ellen Tinsman, Trout Run, $150.Dincher received contributions of at least $150 from: Maureen Dincher, $1,897; Thomas and Patricia Dincher, Williamsport, $500; Georgiana Mazur, Laguna Hills, Calif., $500, and Richard Carothers, Williamsport, $150.


The Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Garth D. Everett Penn Hills Plaza 21 Kristi Rd., Suite 2 Muncy, PA 17756 (570) 546-2084 ...Garth D. Everett 413 Irvis Office Building PO Box 202084 ... - 15k - Cached - Similar pages

The Pennsylvania General Assembly

ANTHONY TWP, 84, Garth D. Everett (R), 23, Roger A. Madigan, (R). ARMSTRONG TWP, 83, Steven W. Cappelli (R), 23, Roger A. Madigan, (R) ... - 35k - Cached - Similar pagesRep. Garth Everett - Similar pages

verett, Garth - Similar pages

MPVH - Williamsport PA Law Firm : Attorneys : Garth D. Everett

Garth Everett, a native of Montoursville, received his undergraduate degree in Business from Smeal College of Business at the Pennsylvania State University. ... - 9k - Cached - Similar pages

ZoomInfo Open People Directory > Everett, Garth - Everett, Gordon

Find professional background information on Everett, Garth, through Everett, Gordon in ZoomInfo, the most comprehensive source of business information on ... - 29k - Cached - Similar pages

Rep Garth Everett — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress

John Green - Editor wrote 3 months ago : HARRISBURG -Rep. Garth Everett (R- Lycoming) is encouraging eligible women to seek free cancer preve … more → ... - 18k - Cached - Similar pages Similar pages

Project Vote Smart - Representative Garth D. Everett - Voting Record

Representative Garth D. Everett (PA). Current Office: State House ... The Key Votes Program follows Project Vote Smart's strict policies, procedures and ... - 70k - Cached - Similar pagesMore results from » VOTE'08: Candidate Profile: Garth Everett

Garth Everett has set his sights on accomplishing needed reforms in the state House of Representatives and passing legislation that will help all ... - 10k - Cached - Similar pages

garth everett r
Garth Everett (R)

Lycoming County (Part)

Occupation: Attorney

Education: Montoursville Area High School, 1972Penn State University, 1976Dickinson School of Law, 2000

Standing Committee Assignments:

Aging & Older Adult Services

Environmental Resources & Energy

Game & Fisheries

Urban Affairs


Hon. Garth D. Everett Hon. Garth D. Everett

Penn Hills Plaza 413 Irvis Office Building

21 Kristi Rd., Suite 2 PO Box 202084

Muncy, PA 17756 Harrisburg, PA 17120-2084

(570) 546-2084 (717) 787-5270

Fax: (570) 546-5220 Fax: (717) 772-9958

talking points


More than six million Pennsylvanians rely on their public libraries for homework help, preschool learning opportunities, health information and help starting small businesses and finding jobs.


Those who vote in nearly every local election, and who volunteer and donate to charities, are big fans of libraries. Nearly three-quarters have a local library card. Six in 10 of these civically-engaged folks would favor a tax increase to cover library needs, compared with about half of less-engaged citizens.


Learning starts at birth. Waiting until kindergarten to start helping children learn is too late. During the 0-3 years public library preschool programs – starting with diaper storytimes and following through with toddler tales and “get ready for school” programs – give children the reading and language skills that lead to all future success.

These years offer a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to help children learn how to learn and to help parents be their children’s first and best teacher.



In most counties in Pennsylvania the cost of one day of K-12 education is over a million dollars. During the summer too much of that investment is lost. Children fall 2.6 months behind in math skills and 2 months behind in reading skills.

Education experts report that reading – some suggest as few as four books during the summer – can significantly reduce this “summer slide”.

Pennsylvania’s libraries offer a uniform, high quality summer reading program that reaches thousands of children and can reach thousands more with additional state financial support.

Library people know that extended learning during the summer doesn’t require year round school. Summer reading programs through public libraries are a cost effective way to send students back to school ready to learn new skills during those million dollars days.


Every year thousands of dollars in federal and state tutoring dollars go unused because people don’t know about them or can’t qualify for them. Library people believe every student who needs help should get it.

For $1.18 cents a student Pennsylvania can provide access to highly qualified online tutors for every student. A statewide license for live homework help available through the websites of the states 600+ public libraries can bring homework help into communities large and small. It makes educational and economic sense to use libraries to deliver this service.


A few libraries already offer homework help but many cannot afford individual licenses. Here’s what students who us it have to say about live homework help.

  • “I loved this idea. They really listen to you and help you. I’m going to start using this a lot cuz I’m not a very good math student but I really understand everything now, and I will tell a friend.”
  • “Great service. Not all parents can help you with homework.”
  • “This was so great! I’m a very happy student.”
  • “My tutor was awesome, so kind, patient, and she gave me confidence about my science test.”


70% of the health and medical information on the Internet is misleading or outdated. Libraries offer incredible online and print health materials.

The number one reason people come back to libraries after periods of non-use is a medical concern.

product marketer
Product Marketer

James V. Brown Trustee

Library Community

who am i
Who am I?

Dwight Evans (D)

Majority Chairman

Appropriations Committee

PA House of Representatives

And why am I important?

dwight evans d
Dwight Evans (D)

Philadelphia County (Part)

Majority Appropriations Committee Chairman


Personal History: Single

Education: Germantown High School, 1971Community College of Philadelphia, 1973La Salle College, 1975

Member of the House 1981 to date

Standing Committee Assignments:

Appropriations, Chairman

Committee On Committees


Other Boards, Committees, or Commissions:

Democratic Appropriations Committee Chairman 1991 to date


Hon. Dwight Evans Hon. Dwight Evans

7174 Ogontz Avenue 512 Main Capitol Building

Philadelphia, PA 19138 PO Box 202203

(215) 549-0220 Harrisburg, PA 17120-2203

Fax: (215) 549-8965 (717) 783-1540 Fax: (717) 787-2334


Pennsylvania Government,

  • The PA General Assembly, Senate and House of Representatives,

[many links included on this page]… Lycoming County,

Commonwealth of PA,

Follow the Money,

  • County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania ,
  • Pennsylvania League of Cities and Municipalities ,
  • Pennsylvania School Boards Association ,
  • Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs ,
  • Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors ,

Political Contributors

  • PA Campaign Finance,
  • Open Secrets,
  • Follow the Money,

Pennsylvania Political News

  • Grassroots PA,
political action plan

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political action plan1
Political Action Plan


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political action plan4
Political Action Plan


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all politics are local
“All politics are local.”

“Tip” O’Neill,

Former Speaker of the US House