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Textile Fabric Wholesalers PowerPoint Presentation
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Textile Fabric Wholesalers

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Textile Fabric Wholesalers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Textile Fabric Wholesalers

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  1. Textile Fabric Wholesalers KKPL is one of the famous and trustworthy Textile Fabric Wholesalers promises to deliver high quality textile. It is an ISO certified company focuses on exceeding client’s satisfaction by providing worthwhile fabric products at most reasonable price. They contribute their efforts in producing different types of Pashmina products like shawls, stoles and scarves.

  2. About Us Mr.Kashmiri Lal Khanna established the Company in 1975, with the aim to manufacture & export Textile Fabrics. Prior to that all operations were in the export of Tea to Afghanistan & Morrocco under the name of Kashmiri Lal Kasturi Lal & Co., which had been in business since the 1940’s. When the present Company was incorporated, the two businesses were amalgamated. The Company is entirely family owned. In 2006, the company was certified as an ISO 9001:2000 company.The Company has emerged as a major exporter of Textile Products to countries like UK, Germany & Australia. The Company specializes in Fire Resistant (FR) Treatments (Flame-Proofing) of Wool Serge for Stage/Theatrical Drapes, in Durable (DFR) & Non-Durable (NDFR) finishes to all International Standards and our buyer’s specifications of GSM, etc.


  4. Flame Proof Fabrics - Wool We supply all types of FR Fabrics in Wool with different finishes like NDFR, DFR, IFR and Not FR. Following options are available in wool: Flame Proofed Blankets (500 / 600 / 700 GSM) Wool Serge (for Theatrical Drapes) Overall Fabrics FR Blankets (For Firemen) Super Wool Serge - 500/525grm/M2 (60" 150cm) Heavy Wool Serge - 625grm/M2 60" (60" 150cm) Coloured Wool Serge - 400/420grm/M2 (60" 150cm) Chromakey Wool Serge - 400/500grm/M2 60" 150cm Blue/Green/TV Blue


  6. Fire Retardant Fabric Manufacturers KKPL, a leading and well-know name of Fire Retardant Fabric Manufacturers provide different type of textile fabrics with quality assurance. It is specially treated fabric with fire retardant chemical to make it fireproof material. Being a flame proofing substance, it becomes a usable product to develop and design enumerated fire proof clothing. Cotton Fabrics Manufacturers KKPL has emerged as top Cotton Fabrics Manufacturers well-known for producing superlative quality material with assurance. Over the decades, cotton is used to make different types of cloths and textile products. It is the essence of our incredible country. Due to this, it is always high in demand, be it summer or winter season.



  9. Contact US Kashmiri Lal Tarun Khanna P. Ltd. 555, Golden Temple Road, P.O. Golden Temple, Amritsar - 143 006 (Punjab) India. Phone: +91 183 229 2455 Fax: +91 183 255 6615 Email: Website:-