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Innovation Africa. Enhancing Policy Engagement through Local Food Security Plans. Innovation Africa. Develop local food security plans that are based on a multi-stakeholder situational analysis and the evidence of local innovations through an inclusive participatory processes.

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Innovation africa

Innovation Africa

Enhancing Policy Engagement through

Local Food Security Plans

Innovation africa1

Innovation Africa

Develop local food security plans that are based on a multi-stakeholder situational analysis and the evidence of local innovations through an inclusive participatory processes.

Implementation: 2010-2012

EU-FSTP co-funding

In food insecure districts:

Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia

Burkina Faso and Niger

Capacity Building

Main activities

Final Results

Training on Farmer Innovation and Food Security strategies at household level

Study on local and national Food Security Policies and Strategies

Training on Farmer-led Documentation (FLD)

FLD documentation of farmer FS strategies

Local Food Security Plan

Training on basic concepts of Food Security and Local Food Security Planning (LFSP)

Multi-stakeholder planning process for Food Security

Lobbying Plan

Training on Policy aspects and Lobbying (by ODI)

Study on Lobbying for Food Security

Innovation Africa: programme overview

Policy engagement

Policy Engagement


Capacities needed for local development planning

Multi-stakeholder process

Goal: policy influencing at provincial and national levels

Food security situational analysis

Food Security Situational Analysis

  • National programmes and policies have relatively little impact on local FS

  • Local and regional food systems have

  • their own dynamics and perspectives

  • HH Coping strategies:

  • Migration

  • Off –farm activities

  • Non-timber forest products

  • Even in surplus food production areas majority of households are food insecure

  • Seasonal changes in food availability

Farmer innovations

Farmer Innovations

  • Farmer-led documentation of local innovations

  • Soil and water conservation

  • Value chain development

  • Off season productive activities

  • Social organisation

  • But also adoption and adaptation of external propositions (mainly NGOs)

  • In Niger over 50 local innovations identified.

Food security approaches

Food Security Approaches

Food Insecurity and Early Warning Systems

National policies and programmes

Local Food Systems and Farmer Innovations

Local food security plans

Local Food Security Plans

Part of district development process

Based on local innovations and initiatives

Make district actors together owner of the activities enhancing food security

Develop policy influencing plans for provincial and national levels

Suggestions for the food security research agenda

Suggestions for the Food Security Research Agenda

What contribution can Local Food Security Plans make to the development of local /regional food systems?

How can local/ regional food systems bring together rural producers and urban consumers?

How do (inter) national policies interventions relate to local innovations and initiatives?