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Handmade Books Parts of a book

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Handmade Books Parts of a book - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Handmade Books Parts of a book. Deckle : the rough, feathered edge of handmade paper.

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Handmade Books

Parts of a book


Deckle: the rough, feathered edge of handmade paper.

A deckle edge is created when the deckle (the top half of the wooden frame that a papermaker uses to make paper, is removed from the mold. The pulp slumps and leaves a natural ragged edge. The fibers in paper tend to run in one direction, the grain.

Paper folds easier along the grain. Most packaged paper is marked either ‘short’ or ‘long’ grained or the grain measurement will be underlined.


A single piece of paper is often called a page, sheet, or leaf. When a sheet of paper is folded in half it is called a folio. A folio has four pages; two rectos (front side) and two verso (back side.) Folded pages that have been nested together are called a section.

Textblock: Sequential pages with some form of writing or illustration .

Signatures: The sections of a printed textblock.




The top of the book is the head. The bottom of the book is the tail.

The pages turn at the foredge. The pages are attached at the spine.

Endpages are the first and last pages of the bookblock.

Front and back refer to both the covers of the book and the bookblock.

When stating the dimensions of a book the height dimension comes first.


A book is made by gluing a bookblock into a case. A typical case is made with cover boards and a spine boardglued to a piece of cover material. There is a space on each side of the spine for a hinge. The cover material that wraps around the edges of the cover is called the turn-in.

The edges of the cover that overhang the bookblock are called the square of the book. Some of the bindings have an inside cover paper that is glued inside the case before the bookblock is cased-in.


Fold 11 x 17 paper in half so the folio will measure 11 x 8 ½.

Match the corners place your left hand on the matched pages.

Use a bone folder to fold crisp edge.

Start from the center of the page and fold diagonally toward the top.

Next, from center diagonally crisp the fold toward the bottom.

Next, using the bone folder make the final pull from top to bottom.