judicial review and court opinions n.
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Judicial Review and Court Opinions

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Judicial Review and Court Opinions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Judicial Review and Court Opinions. http:// www.thedailyshow.com/watch/tue-march-5-2013/ballots-of-the-southern-wild. Brown v. Board Decision. Types of Court Opinions. Opinion of the Court - The official opinion, whether unanimous or by majority vote 

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types of court opinions
Types of Court Opinions
  • Opinion of the Court - The official opinion, whether unanimous or by majority vote 
  • Majority opinion - Also called the "Opinion of the Court," this is the official verdict in the case that represents the vote of the majority of justices 
  • Plurality opinion - A concurring opinion joined by more justices than the official Court opinion
types of court opinions cont d
Types of Court Opinions Cont’d
  • Dissenting opinion - An opinion written by a justice who disagrees with the majority 
  • Dissenting in part - An opinion written by a justice who voted with the majority on the decision, but disagrees with a portion of the reasoning in the majority opinion, which he or she explains in writing 
  • Unanimous opinion - An opinion authored by one justice, often (but not always) the Chief Justice, and signed by all justices 
  • Concurring opinion - An opinion that agrees with the decision but may disagree with the some of the reasoning behind the Court opinion, or may elaborate on a point made or introduce further relevant information 
judicial review
Judicial Review
  • Gives the Court the authority to review any federal, state or local law for its constitutionality
  • Marbury v. Madison- established Judicial Review
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwciUVLdSPk
  • Stare Decisis- Latin for “Let the Decision Stand”
  • When the Courts makes a decision, they usually keep with the precedents from previous cases.
  • The Supreme Court has the unique ability to overrule outdated Precedents.