cse 246 data structures and algorithms
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CSE 246 Data Structures and Algorithms

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CSE 246 Data Structures and Algorithms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CSE 246 Data Structures and Algorithms. Spring2012 Lecture#1. Introduction. What is the importance of data structures? How data structures effects on the performance of an algorithms? This course attempt to answer these question.

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  • What is the importance of data structures?
  • How data structures effects on the performance of an algorithms?

This course attempt to answer these question.

  • Data Structures: Arrangement of data in computers memory. Such as list, stack, queues, trees, graph
  • Algorithms: Manipulate the data in these structures in a variety of ways. Such as by sorting and searching the data.

Quratulain Rajput

  • What sorts of problems can be solved with the knowledge of these topics?
  • In general problems are categories as:
    • Storage of real world data
    • Data storage structure used by programs (not user’s data)
    • Data modeling

Quratulain Rajput

storage of real world data
Storage of real world data
  • How would you store the data in your computer’s memory?
  • Would your method work for a hundred records of data? A thousand? A million?
  • Would your method permit quick insertion of new data and deletion of old ones?
  • Would it allow for fast searching for a specified data?
  • Suppose you wanted to arrange the cards in alphabetical order. How would you sort them?
  • Computer example: Inventory records
  • Non computer example: Arrange the students according to their heights.

Quratulain Rajput

data storage structure used by programs
Data storage structure used by programs
  • Some data structures are not use to store real world data, instead they used as programming tools.A programmer uses following structures as tools to facilitate some other operation.
      • Stack
      • Queues

Quratulain Rajput

data modeling
Data modeling
  • Some data structure directly model the real world situation such as list of student names (using list data structure).
  • While some real world situation cannot directly model using data structures. Such as hierarchical data.

Quratulain Rajput

data modeling1
Data modeling
  • Every piece of data that is stored in a computer is kept in a memory cell with a specific address.
  • Computer memory is linear.
  • Once the computer stores data in the memory cells, it can access the data by using the address of the data cells.

Quratulain Rajput

data modeling2
Data modeling
  • But what happens when we try to represent our tree diagram of a company? It doesn't make sense to store the names one after the other because the tree is not linear.
  • Now we have a problem. We want to represent a nonlinear data structure using computer memory that is linear.

Quratulain Rajput

data structures and algorithms
Data Structures and Algorithms
  • There is a famous saying by the renowned teacher and scholar, Nicolas Wirth that “Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs” (Wirth)
  • “For many applications, the choice of the proper data structure is the only major decision involving the implementation: once the choice is made, the necessary algorithms are simple.” (Sedgwick)

Quratulain Rajput

data structures and algorithms1
Data Structures and Algorithms
  • During this course, you will learn how data structures are created inside a computer.
  • You will find there is quite a difference between your mental picture of a data structure and the actual way a computer stores a data structure in memory.
  • You will also discover that there are many different ways of creating the same data structure in a computer.
  • These various approaches are tradeoffs that programmers must consider when writing software.

Quratulain Rajput

overview of data structures
Overview of Data Structures
  • This course covers the following data structures.

Data Structures




Linked lists







Quratulain Rajput