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Application Deployment

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Application Deployment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Application Deployment. Application Deployment. Application deployment Makes a software application ready and available for use Available to prospective users Ready to run, or install and then run How you get there: Depends on your development environment. Application Deployment.

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Presentation Transcript
application deployment
Application Deployment
  • Application deployment
    • Makes a software application ready and available for use
    • Available to prospective users
    • Ready to run, or install and then run
  • How you get there:
    • Depends on your development environment

Wendi Jollymore, ACES

application deployment1
Application Deployment
  • In Netbeans:
    • Create the application project
    • Add and code for any libraries you require
    • Create an executable dist folder
      • Includes JAR file
    • Move any other required files/folders to the dist folder
      • E.g. images directory, data directory/files
    • Use your preferred utility to package up your dist folder

Wendi Jollymore, ACES

creating an executable
Creating an Executable
  • Recall:
    • When you made a class library, you used “Clean and Build”
    • For applications, this also works
    • Automatically updates the “” file

Wendi Jollymore, ACES

note multiple mains
Note: Multiple Mains
  • Your app should only have ONE main() class
    • One class with a main() method
  • If, for some exceptional reason, you require more than one:
    • You can set which class is the “main” or startup class in in the project properties

Wendi Jollymore, ACES

note multiple mains1
Note: Multiple Mains

2. Select Run

  • Right-click Project
  • and select “Properties”

3. Select startup class from list

Wendi Jollymore, ACES

creating the jar
Creating the JAR
  • Right-click project
  • Select “Clean and Build”
  • Libraries are automatically taken care of
  • The same as you create a class library jar:

Wendi Jollymore, ACES

the dist directory
The “dist” Directory
  • As before, the “dist” directory is created with your JAR file
    • This is automatically generated by Netbeans
    • This is where you would add any extra instructions/info
  • E.g. instructions for running/installing, your contact info and web site, how to get help/support, etc

Wendi Jollymore, ACES

additional files directories
Additional Files/Directories
  • Your application may also require additional files directories
    • E.g. Images directory, data directory/files, etc
    • Copy these into your DIST folder

Ensure your app is using relative path names!

Wendi Jollymore, ACES

package your application
Package Your Application
  • Use your preferred utility (WinZIP, WinRAR, IZarc, etc)
    • Put contents of dist folder into your package
    • DO NOT include DIST folder!

This example uses WinZIP.

It should be the same for other similar utilities.

Wendi Jollymore, ACES

package your application1
Package Your Application
  • Create a meaningful name for your package/archive
  • Don’t save “full path info” with each file

Wendi Jollymore, ACES

package your application2
Package Your Application
  • You’re done!
  • Make sure you have a friend test your packaged app!

Wendi Jollymore, ACES

final project submission
Final Project Submission
  • Reminder:
    • You will submit two zip/rar files:
      • Your distribution package, which I will install and run
        • E.g.
      • A ZIP/RAR of your project directory from Netbeans, so I can grade your code
        • E.g.
    • You can put both of these files into one zip/rar
      • E.g.

Wendi Jollymore, ACES