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Kverneland Accord mc-drill PRO PowerPoint Presentation
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Kverneland Accord mc-drill PRO

Kverneland Accord mc-drill PRO

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Kverneland Accord mc-drill PRO

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  1. Kverneland Accord mc-drill PRO Product information 2015

  2. Kverneland Accord mc-drill PROMechanical cultivator mounted seed drill

  3. mc-drillPRO –Content • Basic data • Transport • Seed hopper • Calibration • Metering devices with • Interfaces • Coulter bar • Land wheel • Coulters / Following harrow • Electronics • Technical data • Main arguments

  4. mc-drill PRO– Basic data • Hopper volume:3m 600 l (1.100 l) / 4m 820 l (1510 l) • Loading height: 1.66 m • Total height: 2.65 m (vert. Folding track marker) • Length (NG-H, 500mm Packer, CX coulters, S-tine harrows): 2850 mm • Working width: 3 / 4 m • Transport width: 3 / 4 m

  5. mc-drill PRO– Transport • Quick adaptation from working to transport position • Lighting equipment according to European regulations available

  6. mc-drill PRO – Hopper • 600 / 820 l standard hopper capacity  with hopper extension 1.100 / 1.510 l • Loading step for easy and safe filling

  7. mc-drill PRO – Hopper • Detachable agitating shaft is continuously. • The guiding rips ensure optimum seed flow and low residues • Special hopper design allows work even with low filling grade (no reduction kits required)

  8. mc-drill PRO – Hopper • Mechanical or electronic level indicator as optional accessory • Half width shut off, series equipment • Horizontal alignment

  9. mc-drill PRO – Calibration test • Easy calibration test by crankdirect at the gear box (alternative at the land wheel) • Continuously variable gearbox is easily accessible with low maintenance • No disassembly of hoses or outlets necessary  central adjustment of the seed guiding flap for all dosing units • Big dimension of the calibration trays (incl. emptying device) to collect the seeds

  10. mc-drill PRO –EasyCleanMetering system Shut-off slide Fine seed activator control- and overflow flap Fine seed wheel (yellow) Normal seed wheel (black) Specially shaped bottom flap Flap for working / calibration test / emptying • Adjustment from normal to fine seeds without tools Metering device outlet • Special shaped bottom flap ensures a uniform seed flow from 1 up to 400 kg/ha • Additional flap in the metering device for the change between calibration, seeding or emptying

  11. mc-drill PRO –EasyCleanMetering system EasyClean cleaning slots on both sides of the housing EasyClean cleaning slots in all wheels • EasyClean cleaning slots within the housing and the cell wheel ensure long durability • High self cleaning process and easy control of the metering devices

  12. mc-drill PRO –EasyCleanMetering system Carrier placed close to housing Chamfer integrated in carrier • To minimize blockages of seed within the dosing unit the cell wheel carrier is placed close to the housing. An additional chamfer offers more clearance for bigger sized seeds

  13. mc-drill PRO – EasyClean Metering system Different colours on fine cell wheels Reinforced coupling ring normal/ fine seed • Clear overview: yellow fine seed wheels = standard row; orange fine seed wheel = shut off row • Reinforced coupling ring for easy change between normal and fine seed

  14. mc-drill PRO – Interfaces • Easy coupling and uncoupling for solo operation of the power harrow • Most compact design for close centre of gravity because the weight is during headland turning and transport direct at the headstock of the power harrow

  15. mc-drill PRO – Interfaces • Interfaces for hydr. and electric connections are located inside the heavy duty headstock of the power harrow

  16. mc-drill PRO – Close centre of gravity • Most compact design for close centre of gravity • The weight of the hopper is transfered during headland turning and transport direct at the headstock of the power harrow

  17. mc-drill PRO – Overview with power harrow • Excellent overview from the tractor cabin • From the tractor cabin the working procedures can be constantly and conveniently monitored.

  18. mc-drill PRO – Coulter bar • Direct connection to the frame of the packer roller for automatic depth control (independent of the working depth of the power harrow) • Hydr. coulter bar lifting as option • Land wheel is taken out of drive, while lifting is operated • Quick solo operation for extra tillage on headland or plough furrows

  19. mc-drill PRO – Coulter bar • Central coulter pressure adjustment by spindle as standard (hydr. as option) • Requested tools are delivered with the machine as standard • Hydr. coulter pressure adjustment allows comfortable operation from the tractor cab • Pressure needs to be pre selected by bolts

  20. mc-drill PRO – Land wheel • Land wheel (Ø = 650 mm) running on cultivated soil (smooth and permanent drive) • Direct drive of the gear box via telescopic bars • Integrated brake to avoid “overdosing” on head lands, when machine is lifted

  21. mc-drill PRO –Coulter bar • Coulters for conventional or mulch seeding • Row distances from 11.9 till 14.3 cm possible • 2 or 3 rows of suffolk coulter • Worldwide patented CX disc coulter with flexible plastic disc and convex steel disc with self- • cleaning effect • Max. 25 kg coulter pressure • Central depth adjustment via coulter pressure • Small / wide press wheel as option (set off possible; parking at coulter; ex 12 cm row distance)

  22. mc-drill PRO –Following harrow • S-tine following harrow 8 or 10mm • Double row straight tine following harrow • Double row precision following harrow

  23. mc-drill PRO –Following harrow • Working angle and pressure adjustable (complete lifting possible) • Adjustable to all soil conditions

  24. mc-drill PRO – Electronics • Simple tramlining system • LED displays tramline status • Manual switch for individual adaptation • Hopper low level sensor • Voltage control FGS • Advanced tramlining system; including special rhythms • Display of working speed and active tramlining • Metering device control, electric seed rate adjustment • Hopper low level sensor • Hectare counter (3 different types) SIGNUS

  25. mc-drill PRO–Technical data

  26. mc-drill PRO – Main arguments • Up to 1.510 l hopper capacity for reduced set-up times and high performance • Automatic depth control of the coulter bar due to the direct connection to the frame of the packer roller (no re-adjustment needed if the working depth of the power harrow is changed) • EasyCleanMetering system • Overload protected track marker arms mounted on the power harrow • Integratedbrake of the land wheel to avoid “overdosing” on head lands • Adjustment of the metering device for all seeds without any tools • Seed emptying chute is provided for easy removal of remaining seeds and cleaning • Optional electronic machine control according to DIN ISO 11783 • Easy uncoupling of the seed drill for solo operational due to linkage via saddle triangle

  27. mc-drill PRO with power harrow NG-M 101

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