kiskissing s advice on how to manage your boutique stores facebook pinterest n.
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Advice on How to Manage Boutique Stores Facebook & Pinterest PowerPoint Presentation
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Advice on How to Manage Boutique Stores Facebook & Pinterest

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Advice on How to Manage Boutique Stores Facebook & Pinterest - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kids clothing boutique stores' Facebook and Pinterest is significant to a boutique's shopping experience.Check this file to learn baby clothes and toddler clothing wholesale supplier Kiskissing( on it.

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Advice on How to Manage Boutique Stores Facebook & Pinterest

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The following is our advice for you to use some SNS methods to increase online traffic to your boutique store and boost its online sales.

choose hot and relevant topics
Choose hot and relevant topics
  • What kind of topics should you posts contain? We think you should keep an close eye on the news and events. When big news come out, everyone talks about that, and they would love to read the relevant feeds on their SNS pages. Then you can take advantage of that, you post your comments on the news and add your products’ links. So, if you want to make your posts more attractive to your audience and increase your online sales, you need to pay close attention to the related news and really make use of them.
some advice on facebook
Some advice on Facebook

1. Do not over-promote your products Over-promoting or not promoting your products at all are both wrong. You should publish posts related to your products from time to time. Here you can use the 80-20 rule. If you release five posts a week, one of them should be relevant to your products and the other four should be helpful or interesting.

2. Try a Facebook group Facebook Groups and Facebook Company Pages are not the same. You can create a group for your store. The main difference between them is the brand image displayed on the page, and the group is where Facebook users with common interests are free to discuss. In a group, team members can send any form of content, on the same personal page and company profile.

some advice on facebook 1
Some advice on Facebook

3. Create your Custom Tabs You can create personalized tags through the Views & Apps on your company page. You can set these tags as landing pages for your company page. Personalized tags can include customer stories, sales, or other activities you are hosting.

4. Tag other users or pages In the past you can only tag other users on Facebook, while now you can also tag other pages. Your page will become more attractive and active by allowing others to post on your timeline. By enabling this feature, once a user taggs your page in a post, the post would be automatically posted on your profile's timeline.

some advice on facebook 2
Some advice on Facebook

5. Use a questionnaire or vote In the Facebook Status Updates column, you can post a questionnaire or vote. You can use this to collect users' feedbacks on your products or boutique store. It's also a great way to interact with fans and increase their engagement.

6. Organize Contests Competition is another way to increase your fans' engagement and attract new fans. But to understand Facebook's rules about Contests, you can consider using the Wildfire app.

some advice on pinterest
Some advice on Pinterest

Firstly, the Pins you post should be colorful and eye-catching. Statistics have shown that the red-orange-colored images are forwarded twice as many as the blue-toned images. At the same time, long bar-shaped pins are forwarded more possibly, and now the ideal pins' width is 735px, the length is unlimited. A good way is that you can post a long view image of the message graph with your feed, which will make your pins be forwarded more times. You can show your best boards at the top of your personal page, and place the poorly-performing boards at the end of your pages. If their pageviews increase, you can move them forward.

Secondly,you can try to change the classification of your boards, let that cover your products.

some advice on pinterest 1
Some advice on Pinterest

Thirdly, in addition to posting some fresh and updated pins, you also have to post some normal pins which have long term value to be forwarded.

Fourthly, you should notice that the titles of the images you upload will automatically be converted to those of your Pins, so you should pay attention to this problem by optimizing your Pins' titles. Imagine that, which Pin would be more popular,the one titled "img4444", or the one titled "Great Fashion Party Dresses from Kiskissing "?



We would like to help you (our dear customers) to promote your sales by using digital marketing strategies. And we would continue to write useful things based on our experiences and thoughts, hoping that you can benefit from reading those.