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New Literacies In Education

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New Literacies In Education. By: Christina Stymfal Lianne Fitzgerald Suk T Hong Victoria Louise Leon. Online Classes. “ E-learning” or electronic learning was the common name before “online classes”. The Beginning of E-Learning.

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new literacies in education

New Literacies In Education

By: Christina Stymfal

Lianne Fitzgerald

Suk T Hong

Victoria Louise Leon

online classes
Online Classes

“E-learning” or electronic learning was the common name before “online classes”.

The Beginning of


Distance and E-learning are becoming more vital each year in the world of higher education. Although E-Learning began several years ago there have been many improvements to benefit learning activities in academics.

This site shows the movement before the 1920s.

By 2006 nearly 3.5 billion students were participating in online learning in the United States.

Examples that are familiar at the University of Arizona: the use of Blackboard and Desire 2 Learn (D2L)

online classes1
Online Classes



Online classes prevent the ability of face to face interaction.

The lack of social aspects (classroom interaction, one on one time with the professor).

Most forms of communication are written.

Self-paced. You are responsible for checking online to make sure assignments are due by the deadline.

Possible feelings of isolation of questions or technical issues appear in the class.

  • Convenience: learning sessions are available 24/7.
  • Increased access: students have the ability to learn from professors in various places in the country.
  • Instant feedback.
  • Easier for discussions because there is more student-to-student interaction.
  • You can decide when to complete assignments and readings .

Blog is a type of website, maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary or other material such as graphics or videos.

Used in education to:

  • help students clearly express ideas
  • encourage communication within a blogging community (or online class)

Examples: &


Easy way to create a class website

Students gain feeling of ownership

Easy for instructor to know what students think and feel about the class

Easy way to practice and improve writing skills


Takes time to keep blog updated

Students may not blog if they are not required to

May be difficult for students with lower computer skills

Could encourage sloppy writing habits similar to email and instant messaging

e books
  • E-books are electronic versions of regular books that can be purchased as cd’s or even purchased online in a downloadable format and viewed on a computer or a handheld device that supports the file
  • E-books can even be used for textbooks for college students
  • Some sites that offer ebooks:

Picture taken from

e books1



Must have access to a handheld device which supports ebooks or a computer

Do not have a hard copy of the text

Cannot be sold back for a fraction of the original price

  • Easily accessible from any computer
  • Can search for a specific word in the entire text
  • Minimizes the weight of carrying around multiple books