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Log in to the computer in front of you Temp account: 210class / Sum@2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Log in to the computer in front of you Temp account: 210class / Sum@2014 Update your email in Cascadia's system If I need to email you I'll use this address Google for "Cascadia Student Toolbox" You are required to read your email at least once every 24 hours

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Log in to the computer in front of you temp account 210class sum 2014

  • Log in to the computer in front of you

    • Temp account: 210class / Sum@2014

  • Update your email in Cascadia's system

    • If I need to email you I'll use this address

    • Google for "Cascadia Student Toolbox"

    • You are required to read your email at least once every 24 hours

  • Set up Canvas notifications for discussions

    • There’s info in the 'Orientation' page

    • You are required to read all announcements and discussion board messages at least once every 24 hours.

  • Introduce yourself to the people around you

BIT 142

Bit 142 intermediate programming

BIT 142: Intermediate Programming

Instructor: Mike Panitz


Tues, 11:30 pm to 2:30 pm, Room CC1-210

Tl dr

  • Get Visual Studio 2013.

    • The “Express” version is free and great!

  • The lesson 01 exercises (both coding and video-watching) are due next Tuesday

    • Get the work done an hand-in procedure errors will be forgiven

BIT 142

Hybrid vs online
Hybrid vs. online

  • Pretty much identical

  • Except that hybrid students MUST attend class

  • OL students CAN attend class

    • Why not sign up for OL?

    • There's a quiz to help you think about this decision

  • If you want to switch EMAIL THE TEACHER

BIT 142


YOU are responsible for knowing the syllabus!

If info isn’t on here, you should ask before it’s anissue.

Details will be malleable

Should plan on full class (no early departure)


BIT 142

Exam make up policy
Exam Make-Up Policy

  • No make-ups will be given for exams, presentations, or other such graded events, that were missed without prior notification to the instructor.

    • If you notify the instructor at least one week prior to an exam, it may be possible to take the exam at a different time than the scheduled date.

    • Dates are listed on the "Course Schedule" page (off the main page)

  • FYI: Exams are pencil-and-paper ONLY!!

BIT 142: Intermediate Programming

Final exam happens in class
Final Exam happens in-class

  • If you're an online student start planning for this now!!!!

  • You must bring photo ID, which will be checked!

  • Exam occurs during class time on the date specified

  • Exam dates are listed on the respective course home page

  • (Midterm exam will be a take-home)

Syllabus book info

BIT 142 uses the book fairly extensively

I would recommend getting it

The edition does not matter

"C# How To Program" is the same as "C# For Programmers"

Syllabus : Book info

BIT 142

Note on reading
Note on reading


    • By yourself, or in groups

    • Google / the Web

    • Campus library – check out the ‘reserve’ shelf

    • Other books, etc

BIT 142: Intermediate Programming

Website orientation page
Website: Orientation Page

  • Clearly indicated on the front page / main page of the course

  • Read this first

  • Follow all the directions on this page

BIT 142: Intermediate Programming

Website main page
Website: Main Page

  • Each Lesson looks like the image on the right

  • Each is a 'table of contents' of stuff that is due

  • Each of the Lesson 0x links go to the lesson 0x page, which describes everything in more detail

BIT 142: Intermediate Programming

Website lesson page
Website: Lesson Page

  • Each Lesson is about a week of time

  • Start of Class Videos: EVERYONE is required to watch these

    • (In-class or afterwards)

BIT 142: Intermediate Programming

Website post class exercises pces
Website: Post Class Exercises (PCEs)

  • Done INDIVIDUALLY, although you’re welcome to get help from other people, if you need it.

  • You are REQUIRED to know all the material, for all the exercises

    • (i.e., if any of these showed up on an exam, or must be used in a HW assignment, then you need to know it)

    • You’re only required to HAND IN those items labeled ‘Hand-In’

    • It’s highly recommended, but not required, that you do all the exercises – do as many as your schedule allows, and as you need to, in order to learn this material!

BIT 142: Intermediate Programming

Website in class materials
Website: In Class Materials

  • In class materials may be used in class (or not)

  • Any videos (of the instructor) recorded during class may be posted for later viewing

BIT 142: Intermediate Programming

Website lesson page1
Website: Lesson Page

  • Notes

    • are for the instructor’s use, and not meant for public consumption

      • If they help you, that’s great

      • If not, too bad 

  • Slides

    • are for public consumption, and generally contain announcements relevant to that week’s work

BIT 142: Intermediate Programming

Always bring all work to class

  • Make sure that you bring all your work to every single lecture

  • This specifically includes any work that you have not yet finished.

  • In-Class exercises may build on previously assigned work, further refine/clarify previously assigned work, and/or give you time in class to complete work

BIT 142

Pairwise reading grades
Pairwise Reading: Grades

  • Group up in fours

  • 10 minutes to:

    • Download The Syllabus & read “Assessment” section

    • Be prepared to explain any of these topics:

      • Submission policy (esp. "When is it late?")

      • PCEs

      • How do the first three lessons differ from the remainder?

      • Viewing Quizes

      • Exams

      • Homeworks

  • I'll call on several groups to present these topics

    • EVERY member of the group must say something substantial

BIT 142 and BIT 143

Warning about grades
Warning About Grades

  • Notice that each of these is about 1/5 of your total grade:

    • Weekly exercises

    • Homework assignment #1

    • Homework assignment #2

    • Midterm Exam

    • Final Exam

BIT 142

Dreamspark access
Dreamspark access

  • I'm going to send off everyone's email addresses to Microsoft after next class

    • Email me ASAP if you do not want me to send your email address to Microsoft

  • Go to https://www.ctc.edu/~cascadia/wts/stuaddr/waci203.htmland update your email if you haven't done so yet

BIT 142: Intermediate Programming

Next intro to visual studio hand in software
Next: Intro to Visual Studio, hand-in software

  • We’ll go over how to

    • download a starter project,

    • work on it using Visual Studio,

    • hand it in to StudentTracker

BIT 142