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Effective Investor Relations

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Effective Investor Relations. November 16, 2012 Ara Isayan Business Development Specialist Thomson Reuters . The Value of Investor Relations. How do you measure the performance of your IR team? How can IR contribute to a real understanding of your investment story?.

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effective investor relations

Effective Investor Relations

November 16, 2012

Ara Isayan Business Development Specialist Thomson Reuters

the value of investor relations
The Value of Investor Relations
  • How do you measure the performance of your IR team?
  • How can IR contribute to a real understanding of your investment story?
  • The ‘new normal’ world of risk aversion, macro dominance, reduced focus on active equity and equity fund outflows presents a real challenge in getting your story
  • heard
annual reporting
Annual Reporting
  • Very important - and essential - part of any IR programme.
  • Often the first reference point for buyside & sellside in understanding a company, and getting a sense of performance & strategy
  • Vital part of good corporate governance
  • Challenges of technology - using mobile devices, the web and more to deliver interactive reporting
  • Regulatory changes increase the need for clarity & consistency in reports
annual reporting1
Annual Reporting

Quality of Russian formal reporting satisfactory, but below pan-European average

Russian companies devote 20% of IR budget to formal disclosure; ahead of European average of 17%

Russian companies need to put more focus on sustainability reporting

what the buy side sell side want from ir
What the Buy-Side & Sell-Side Want from IR
  • Accessibility

‘Accessibility and openness to hosting meetings is what I value.’ Global investment bank

  • Knowledge of the Business/Ability to Answer Questions
  • ‘What really matters is knowledge of the company/industry; enabling a response beyond what is just in the press release.’ UK insurance fund
what the buy side sell side want from ir1
What the Buy-Side & Sell-Side Want from IR
  • Communication/Disclosure/Contact

‘It’s vital there are people in the IR

position who are in the room when

important and strategic decisions are

being made and those people are very

valuable to talk to.’ Global investment bank

  • Responsiveness/Timeliness
  • ‘I value timeliness, answering questions to the extent that you can and not hiding behind what you wrote in a press release or a 10Q, but actually answering questions with color.’ US long only fund
what the buy side sell side want from ir2
What the Buy-Side & Sell-Side Want from IR
  • Transparency

‘The more information you can share the better.’ US Pension fund

  • Quality Deliverables
  • ‘It is the clarity of the financials and being able to easily understand the financials when they are presented in a press release and a presentation.’ European long only fund
what the buy side sell side want from ir3
What the Buy-Side & Sell-Side Want from IR
  • Proactivity

‘Its good if they act like a conduit - on your side to some extent, understanding your world/pressures, and not just giving you the company line’ US brokerage firm

  • Visibility
  • ‘I value helping investors understand the story better so we can value the pieces of the company better.’ US long only fund
best practice a long term play
Best Practice - a long term play
  • Success in Investor Relations is based on building trust with both Buy-Side & Sell-Side
  • Trust takes time to create - and needs consistency, transparency and willingness to engage
  • Recalibration of the Buy-Side means understanding and identifying investors has to be more individual, targeted and precise
  • All against the backdrop of scarce resources, and an uncertain market
  • Long term IR best practices will generate a premium in the stock price. How do investors see your IR efforts?
best practice ir adds to the multiple
Best Practice - IR adds to the multiple
  • Since 2007, the Top 10 European IR Extel winners outperformed the Eurostoxx 600 by 23.6% on a total return basis.
  • Despite a superior return, the risk of the Extel portfolio is only marginally higher in terms of Beta and Standard Deviation.
  • Since 2008, there has a widening in the performance of the top rated European companies for IR, compared to the Eurostoxx 600. This underlines the importance of IR in challenging markets, when investor demand for transparency and visibility is at a premium.
best practice highly rated ir teams
Best Practice - highly rated IR Teams
  • Spend more management time with prospective investors
  • Conduct more one-on-ones
  • Host more site visits & field trips
  • Devote greater proportion of IR spend to their IR website
  • Roadshow more to US East Coast, US West Coast and Canada
  • Have more responsibility for sustainability/ESG reporting
  • Are more aware of, and using, social media
  • Put more focus on intelligently targeting new investors
  • Secure the attendance of more PMs at their one-on-ones
  • Win most plaudits for quality of meetings, and for IR team insights & service
  • Steve Kelly
  • Managing Director Extel
  • steve.kelly@thomsonreuters.com
  • Direct Line:  +44 (0)20 7542 5963
  • Mobile:  +44 (0) 7770 577 160
  • Survey Line:  +44 (0)20 7542 7700
  • Fax :  +44 (0)20 7542 7704
  • http://www.extelsurveys.com