a better defined description of feminist theory n.
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A better defined description of Feminist Theory: PowerPoint Presentation
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A better defined description of Feminist Theory:

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A better defined description of Feminist Theory: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A better defined description of Feminist Theory:.

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A better defined description of Feminist Theory:

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    1. A better defined description of Feminist Theory: • Feminist- Feminist theory, is support of equality for women and men. Although all feminists strive for gender equality, there are various ways to approach this theory, including liberal , socialist , and finally radical feminism. Or in other wordsthe thought of women being equal to men in political, social, and everyday situations.

    2. Main Ideas of Feminism: • The first idea is the difference between men and women.The first idea entails “the basic assumption is that gender determines values” (Polukis 2). For an example, women typically are thought to value kids, peace, etc., but not every women fits that stereo type. Also another example is the way women write literature. The common thought women write about romance, cooking, etc. while men write about war, fights, etc. The topics are not really gender specific.The second big idea is that women in positions of power and power dynamics between men and women.An example of the second idea is “note the division of labor and economics between men and women” (Polukis 2). Society has not treated all women fairly and women feel like they can only express this through literature. Now times are changing so women have a voice in the media.Women are given selected job fields such as nurses, cooks, day care center operators. Women should be offered many more opportunities.The last big idea is the female experience.The third idea has to deal with women experience a different view of life compared to men (Polikis 2). Women are sensitive and strong at the same time when it comes to difficult situations. A non-feminist would disagree and say men are strong and women are weak. Another example is that feminist believe that the personality of a male and female are different. Men need women for sex and giving birth. Also if a man doesn’t have a female in his life it’s not complete. All the feminist in this world are choosing the wrong path because men need women to survive.