silk flowers look beautiful and do not require water sunlight or maintenance l.
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silk flowers look beautiful and do not require water PowerPoint Presentation
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silk flowers look beautiful and do not require water

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silk flowers look beautiful and do not require water - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Silk Flowers needs no maintenance and water to keep itself fresh.

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silk flowers look beautiful and do not require water sunlight or maintenance

Artificial flowers including silk ones are almost real and the difference can only be found through touch. Silk flowers and trees bring the outdoors inside offices and homes and flower arrangements can look breathtakingly beautiful adding color and beauty to a dull and boring room. Not only is there a great improvement in the quality of silk flowers, but there is a huge variety also and they are easy to maintain. Besides, the making of silk flowers is a mushrooming hobby for women in Thailand and China and India as these countries have intensive and cheap hand labor. Silk flowers are generally made with silk, rayon and cotton fibers. These are of varying thickness and different textures. Generally a coating of starch is applied to the fabric which is then shaped with the help of a spoon or fork. To give that typical curve and wrinkle to each petal, they are inserted into molds and heat applied to press them into individual shapes, which are then stiffened by wires. Wire, usually inserted by hand, in many gauges and diameters, is used to create firm stems and also to stiffen flower petals and leaves. The wire is usually wrapped in a tear resistant and durable paper, which is specially dyed to prevent colors from running. The dye is obtained from nature. The fabric and wire are glued into place. To create a stunning flower arrangement, other natural materials such as dried flowers and leaves, dried fruit e.g. berries as well as cones and other woody products are used. Other equipment required to make silk flowers at home are wire cutters, sewing thread and needle, glue, matting, paints and a paintbrush. Silk flowers are sold by the stem. The designs are as close to nature as possible. Exact sizes, shapes and colors of petals and leaves are followed so that there is hardly any difference between the original plant and the silk one. Sometimes, the flowers can be modified to fit in to the current trends of interior design and clothing fashion. These silk flowers are also used in corsages during wedding celebrations. Manufacturers of these flowers make a huge variety of them e.g. crafted silk flowers, fragrance silk flowers, home decorations, for gifting, fancy silk flowers, decorative and designer wall flower hangers, floating flowers, flower bushes, decorative creepers, dry flower arrangements etc. Artificial flowers give home decorators the liberty to show seasons when it not possible naturally e.g. having summer blossoms in winter. They can also allow the display of many seasons at one time. Some decorators insert artificial flowers into real stems of branches of a tree to look good. Some even show insect damage to look real. However, the best attraction is that these plants look good perennially and do not require water, fertilizer, sunlight or any kind of care.

Silk flowers look beautiful and do not require water, sunlight or maintenance