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Bridal Makeup Artist in Lucknow

We as a makeup artist in India assure you to give that look you wish for so that you make your best appearance that day.<br><br>Our bridal makeup service will make radiance, enhance feminine and feel the confidence within you and this is what makes us special and as one of the best bridal makeup artists.

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Bridal Makeup Artist in Lucknow

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  1. How To Give A Long Lasting Stay To Your Lip Gloss? On a windy day when your hair gets stuck to your lips, a great difficulty is faced by numerous girls out there to maintain their lip makeup. In our day to day dealing with our customers, we come across many customers who asked about the tricks to give a long stay to their lip glosses. Lots have been said and written by how to give your lipstick a long stay, but what about your lip gloss? Lip glosses, being the more touch-and-go ones, require extra attention and care. We are here enlightening our clients with fabulous beauty hacks which will bless them with carefree and long lasting lip gloss. The professionals of the bridal makeup artist in Lucknow being experts in makeup prowess are here informing us about the ways through which we can enjoy long lasting color on our lips. Step 1: As easy it is to swipe the lip gloss on your lips and be at ease, as difficult it is to maintain its beauty to give it a long stay. So the very first step is to scrub your lips before gloss application, remove all the dead skin from your lips, if there. Step 2: If you have scrubbed your lips, don’t make the mistake of direct gloss application. After scrubbing nourish your lip with the petroleum jelly for a few minutes, this step will nourish your skin and help them in smoothening up. Step 3: After following above step for a few weeks, pick a lip liner that matches perfectly with your lip gloss, layer it down before your gloss application. The liner will perfectly serve as a base and give your lip gloss something to adhere to and thus more staying power. Apart from above steps you may cautious about the your choice of lip gloss, try to pick up stickier lip gloss instead of one with a light, sheer formula. The another benefit of this sticker lip glosses is that these glosses with the thicker formula gives you the high intensity shine than compared to thinner formula

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