course guide template community health nursing nss327 n.
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Course Guide Template Community Health Nursing (NSS327 ) PowerPoint Presentation
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Course Guide Template Community Health Nursing (NSS327 )

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Course Guide Template Community Health Nursing (NSS327 ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Course Guide Template Community Health Nursing (NSS327 ). 1. Course Information. General Information: Give them information about the study guide - For example

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Course Guide Template Community Health Nursing (NSS327 )

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    1. Course Guide Template Community Health Nursing (NSS327 )

    2. 1. Course Information General Information: Give them information about the study guide - For example • You are expected to read this study guide carefully at the start of semester. It contains important information about the course. If you need more clarifications, please consult one of the teaching staff on the course. This study guide will provide you with in-depth knowledge you will need in order to complete the exam. Give information about the credit unit etc… Course Code NSC327 Course Name: Community health nursing Credit points: 2 units Year: 2013/2014 Semester:Harmattan

    3. Course Information (cTD…) About the Course -let the learners have a broader view of the course. E.g. The course introduces learners to disease causation, distribution and prevention in the community. It also covers the health and related health events in human populations. Give information about the Lecturer(s) • Name of Course facilitator: MrFafiyebi • Email addresses: • Mode of Consultation: e-mail (8am-6pm)

    4. Welcome to NSC327 class. It is a 300 level elective course This course covers Community Health Nursing (CHN) principles and roles. It examines programs, services, and instructions involved in promoting and maintaining the health of populations. Community Health Nursing also explores interrelationships among environmental factors, human responses and health status of clients. The learner will be able to assist the individual, family and community in attaining the highest level of holistic health. It is also to provide and promote healthy lifestyle choices through education, public awareness and community outreach activities The course is divided into two modules and ten units. 2. Introduction to the course

    5. Introduction to the course (ctd.) Aim of the course: The course broad objective is to build in you the ability to describe and apply the principles, concepts and process of community health nursing in providing the needed care in our contemporary society

    6. Learning Objectives The objectives are to help you to: 1. Define concept of community health nursing (the structures, functions, roles of the community, roles and objectives of community health nursing) 2. Identify major community health problems in Nigeria and factors responsible for them. 3. Define community diagnosis, its uses and steps in community health practice 4. Describe nurses roles in prevention and control of diseases in the community 5. Describe the levels of prevention, surveillance and data collection 6. Discuss the organization and administration of community health nursing

    7. Taking the Course • Study the course material on the NOUN courseware site • Review the PowerPoint presentation online • practice the in-course test • attend at least 75% of the 6weeks community health posting • Take the exam

    8. Taking the Course ctd.. • Each unit has a tutor-marked assignment which you are required to answer and submit at the study centre at the appointed time.

    9. Preparing for examination • Use the course material provided for exams preparation. • Use the PowerPoint presentation included in the course material • Use the supplemental CD provided to expand your knowledge concerning this course.

    10. preparing for examination • Write a short essay on the roles of community health nursing in Nigerian health systems • Community health nursing, caring in action written by……… can provide excellent information concerning this course if you choose to read it.

    11. Assessment leaner's will be assessed through: • Continuous assessment: (20%). • Tutor- marked assignment submitted at the stipulated time, field report and seminar presentation: (20%). • Examination: (60%)

    12. Preparatory Questions • Sample question: one of the role and function of community health nurse is to assume direct responsibility for providing care or supervising and directing others to provide care (true or false). • The answer is true because as a community health nurse you provide care, supervise and direct others to provide care in the community

    13. 9. Symbols and Acronyms • CHN: community health nursing • TB: tuberculosis • HIV: human immunodefficiency virus • VHW: voluntary health workers • CHEW: community health extension workers