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What is C lass S cape ® ? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is C lass S cape ® ?

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What is C lass S cape ® ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is C lass S cape ® ?. An online classroom-based assessment system which: Helps teachers to achieve and maintain curriculum/instructional alignment Assists teachers with identification of individual and class strengths and weaknesses

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Presentation Transcript
what is c lass s cape
What is ClassScape®?

An online classroom-based assessment system which:

  • Helps teachers to achieve and maintain curriculum/instructional alignment
  • Assists teachers with identification of individual and class strengths and weaknesses
  • Provides administrators with grade level/subject reports
why use c lass s cape
Why use ClassScape®?

ClassScape is focused on the needs of North Carolina schools:

  • Our test items are based on the NC SCOS with an EOG question format
  • We use a rigorous item development process
  • We offer Pre-made and Custom Assessments in 23 subjects/grades
  • We offer Constructed Response Items with a built-in scoring tool for teachers.
c lass s cape item development process
ClassScape® Item Development Process

North Carolina Teachers!

EOG/EOC Content Leads

One of us…the Supermanagers!

using c lass s cape assessments
Using ClassScape®Assessments
  • Formative Assessments
    • Teacher selected
    • Provides feedback needed to modify instruction
    • Based on the needs of the classroom and students
  • Common Assessments
    • Grade level or subject based
    • Used to generate talking points for data meetings
    • Provides school level data
  • Benchmark and/or Summative Assessments
    • Grade level or subject based
    • Aligned to district pacing guides or a unit of learning
    • Provides district level data
tools for teachers
Tools for Teachers
  • Pre-Packaged Assessments
    • Two Objective Quizzes per Objective (10 items)
  • Custom Assessments
    • Teacher Customized Assessments (8-50 items)
      • Can assess across multiple objectives and goals within a subject and grade
      • Can share with other teachers in the same school, subject and grade
  • Read Aloud Feature for Math Pre-Packaged Quizzes!
  • Using ClassScape as an Instructional Tool
  • Reports
using classscape as an instructional tool
Using ClassScape as an Instructional Tool
  • Preview without Key Feature
  • Jeopardy and other games
  • Clickers!
  • Warm-ups
  • Admit Slips/Exit Slips
  • Remediation
  • Flexible Grouping
tools for districts district benchmark tool add on
Tools for DistrictsDistrict Benchmark Tool Add-On

The benchmark tool add-on provides districts with the ability to:

  • bulk upload all student data from an LEA into our system at one time.
  • view, edit and delete student information in our system.
  • create custom benchmarks in all subjects and grades using our custom assessment tool.
  • schedule benchmarks to specified schools and teachers.
  • view login activity by district, school and user.
  • view system usage including the number of assessment completions by district and school.
  • view benchmark assessment data including district, school, teacher, class and student performance on NC SCOS goals, objectives, and specific assessments by gender and ethnicity.
c lass s cape status report august 1 2009 june 15 2010
ClassScape®Status Report: August 1, 2009- June 15, 2010
  • 3 million assessment starts
  • 28,000 assessments per day
  • 500,000 students registered
  • 63,000 items in our database
  • 1,010 schools enrolled
  • 95 districts represented
  • 52 districts enrolled district-wide
  • 40 districts using the benchmark tool

Annual Enrollment Fees for 2010-11

  • Annual School Enrollment includes unlimited access to pre-packaged and customizable assessments in the following subjects:
  • Grade 3 Math
  • Grade 3 Reading
  • Grade 4 Math
  • Grade 4 Reading
  • Grade 5 Math
  • Grade 5 Reading
  • Grade 5 Science
  • Grade 6 Math
  • Grade 6 Reading
  • Grade 7 Math
  • Grade 7 Reading
  • Grade 8 Math
  • Grade 8 Reading
  • Grade 8 Science
  • Algebra 1
  • English 1
  • Biology
  • US History
  • Civics and Economics
  • Computer Skills
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry
  • Extend2 Reading 3-8
professional development and training opportunities
Professional Development and Training Opportunities
  • Test Administrator Training
  • Basic User Training
  • Data Analysis/Reports Training
  • Refresher Training
  • District Level Benchmark Training

Included in the New School Start-Up Package

c lass s cape assessments

Recommended for:

  • Identification of individual and class strengths and weaknesses
  • Maintenance of curriculum/instructional alignment
  • Guidance for teachers in instructional decisions
  • Monitoring of student progress

Not recommended for:

  • Printing of items/paper-pencil testing
  • District-wide high-stakes summative testing
  • Prediction of future student performance on EOG/EOC assessments
  • Assignment of consequences based on student or teacher performance i.e. evaluations, promotion/retention
  • At-home student assessing
minimum technical requirements
Minimum Technical Requirements
  • Windows 98 or Mac OSX or better
  • 1.0 GHz processor or better
  • 256MB RAM
  • Internet with 56 kps bandwidth or better per seat
  • Up-to-date browser (tested w/ IE and Firefox)
  • Javascript/cookies/site-specific popups enabled
  • Monitor resolution of 800  600 or higher
  • Proxy/firewalls must allow ClassScape server traffic
  • Technical requirements are subject to change upon further evaluation.
contact information
Contact Information
  • Jaime Dougherty,

ClassScape Trainer

(252) 917-1237

  • Rhonda Jernigan,

ClassScape Trainer

(919) 367-8751

  • Elizabeth Price
  • ClassScape Trainer
  • 919-219-1675
  • Chris Warren,

ClassScape Trainer

(919) 515-1317

  • Help Desk

  • Trish Martin,

Program Manager 515-1313

  • Phyllis Laughlin, Assistant Program Manager 515-1316

  • Katie Dugan,

Education Consultant

(919) 515-4202

  • Cindy Privette,

Education Consultant

(919) 515-4223

  • Lindsey Hardin,

Training Coordinator


c lass s cape works
ClassScape® Works!

“…we have been able to significantly improve our EOG scores for all upper elementary grades.”

Darlene Carrigan, Director of C&I, Alexander County

c lass s cape works26
ClassScape® Works!

“ClassScape helped me this year by making their science tests so in depth; because of them I have a 4 on my science EOG.”

Marshall Thomas, 8th grader

c lass s cape works27
ClassScape® Works!

“I was able to learn how to implement ClassScape in my room quickly and easily.”

Jamie Lewis, 8th grade teacher, Caldwell County

mark freeman director of testing nash rocky mount public schools

ClassScape® Works!

Mark Freeman, Director of Testing, Nash/Rocky Mount Public Schools

“ ClassScape has assisted in increasing rigor in order for students to be successful on state and local assessments…’s used during daily teacher instruction, data monitoring of students’ strengths and weaknesses, district benchmarks, and remediation….the data generated from ClassScape has been key in leading effective grade and building level PLCs to drive instruction.”

c lass s cape works29
ClassScape® Works!

“The data provided by ClassScape ensures our instruction is data driven. We use the reports for curriculum planning, professional learning discussions and meeting the needs of all learners.”

Rebecca Cox, Instructional Specialist, Wilkes County

c lass s cape works30
ClassScape® Works!

“The ability to customize benchmark assessments has provided teachers with the tools to share meaningful data, adjust instruction, and align lesson plans with the Standard Course of Study.”

Michael L. Foust, Assistant PrincipalDenton Elementary, Davidson County