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Civil Rights Protests

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Civil Rights Protests. How did African-Americans achieve equality?. Civil Rights Protests. What event started the protests in the South? Rosa Parks and her refusal to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Civil Rights Protests.

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civil rights protests

Civil Rights Protests

How did African-Americans achieve equality?

civil rights protests1
Civil Rights Protests
  • What event started the protests in the South?
  • Rosa Parks and her refusal to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama
civil rights protests2
Civil Rights Protests
  • 1955 Alabama: She was arrested for violating the segregation law
  • This incident inspired a major protest
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott: African Americans refused to ride the city buses for 381 days
civil rights protests4
Civil Rights Protests
  • 1954: The Brown v. Board of Education decision comes out, integrating public schools
  • By 1957 states had not integrated and were hesitant to do so. Little Rock, Arkansas would be the first place to integrate
  • The Governor of Arkansas was opposed to this and called the National Guard to stop 9 black children from attending school in the capital city of Little Rock
civil rights protests5
Civil Rights Protests
  • President Eisenhower will not let that happen and orders those same National Guard soldiers to protect the “Little Rock 9”
  • Schools in the south slowly begin to integrate
civil rights protests7
Civil Rights Protests
  • 1961: African Americans begin “Freedom Rides” from the North to the deep South
  • They were protesting the segregation law on buses traveling across state lines
  • They were beaten, buses set on fire, and some evacuated for safety. In the end it proved successful as an act of civil disobedience
civil rights protests8
Civil Rights Protests
  • 1963 Alabama: MLK tries to integrate Birmingham, considered to be the most segregated city in America
  • Police used dogs and fire hoses to break up the protest march. Over 2,000 African Americans were arrested
civil rights protests10
Civil Rights Protests
  • 1963 Washington D.C: MLK leads 200,000 people on a march to the Lincoln Memorial to show support for a new civil rights law
  • “I have a dream” speech given
civil rights protests12
Civil Rights Protests
  • Some groups encouraged violent riots to achieve change
  • Black Panthers: Group of African-Americans who followed Malcolm X and used violence in their protests. “Black Power”
  • Protests continue until the gov’t steps in