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OCO-2 Project Organization

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OCO-2 Project Organization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OCO-2 Project Organization. Effective 06-May-2014. NASA HQ Science Mission Directorate. OCO Project Office. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Dr. R. Basilio , Manager x4-3228 S. Kaki, Deputy x4-4147 Dr. M. Gunson, Project Scientist x4-2124 Dr. A. Eldering, Deputy Project Scientist x4-4941

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OCO-2 Project Organization

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    1. OCO-2 Project Organization Effective 06-May-2014 NASA HQ Science Mission Directorate OCO Project Office PROJECT MANAGEMENT Dr. R. Basilio, Manager x4-3228 S. Kaki, Deputyx4-4147 Dr. M. Gunson, Project Scientist x4-2124 Dr. A. Eldering, Deputy Project Scientist x4-4941 R. Pollock, Project Architect x4-0636 • R. Welch, Technical Advisor x3-7341 BUSINESS OFFICE H. Daleo, Business Manager x4-3925 D. Takeyama, Resources x4-0060 C. Eidem, CPAG Analystx4-8308 J. Mann, Schedule x4-7897 W. Kert, Subcontracts x4-2992 SCIENCE TEAM LEADER Dr. D. Crispx4-2224 COMPETED SCIENCE TEAM PROJECT SYSTEM ENGINEERING • Dr. D. Liu, CE/ETA x3-0712 • P. Darus, LSE x4-4950 • P. Peddada, V&V x4-5917 • M. Garcia, Mission Design/Nav x4-7861 LAUNCH VEHICLE (KSC) A. Mendoza-Hill 321-861-5914 MISSION ASSURANCE R. Kemski, Manager x4-0009 SCIENCE DATA APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCT DELIVERY K. Yuen, Manager x3-7716 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF • M. Olm, Administrator x4-4553 • T. Pace, Secretary x4-3254 SPARE INSTRUMENT T. Glavich, Manager x4-3952 MISSION OPERATIONS SYSTEM (MOS) • P. J. Guske, MOS Manager x4-4950 • R. Fragoso, MOSE x3-1088 • K. Garcia, MOS V&V x4-4851 SCIENCE IMPLEMENTATION Dr. M. Gunson, AD, Manager x4-2124 Dr. A. Eldering, Deputy Project Scientist x4-4941 OBSERVATORY D. Skinner, Manager x3-0070 J. B. Burt, FS Engineer x4-5676 M. Shirbacheh, I/O Lead x4-6147 ORBITAL SCIENCES CORP. • J. Bushman, Project Manager 703-948-8570 • R. Bowlin, DPM 480-355-7894 (Gilbert) • J. Stephenson, Systems Engr. 480-355-7433 (Gilbert) • W. Bruckner, Flight Assurance 480-355-7433 (Gilbert) ALGORITHMS Dr. R. Granat, Lead x3-5353 Dr. C. O’Dell, CSU* 970-491-8973 *Colorado State University CFIS (CHLOROPHYLL FLUORESCENCE IMAGING SPECTROMETER) M. Schwochert, Lead x4-1495 CALIBRATION • R. Pollock,Lead x4-0636 OPTICS J. Oseas, Leadx4-0691 SCIENCE DATA OPERATIONS SYSTEM (SDOS) C. Avis, Lead x4-6012 B. Chafin, Sys. Eng. x4-3723 PanFTS G. Lau, Lead x4-6850 ELECTRONICS • R. Steinkraus, Lead x4-2996 INSTRUMENT SYSTEM ENGINEER • S. Hunyadi-Lay, Lead x3-6093 THERMAL • J. Reiter,Lead x4-4224 VALIDATION Dr. G. Osterman, Lead x4-3541 AD=Additional Duty Phone legend: x4 = 818-354-. . . . x3 = 818-393-. . . . INT. & TEST (I&T) A. Kapitanoff,Lead x4-3127 Outside JPL