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/ kuoUrk / kUk CkkaVtkS yk [ kkS dgS lqHkV~V A xf.k;k tklh fng³k ds nl ds vV~B kk PowerPoint Presentation
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/ kuoUrk / kUk CkkaVtkS yk [ kkS dgS lqHkV~V A xf.k;k tklh fng³k ds nl ds vV~B kk

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/ kuoUrk / kUk CkkaVtkS yk [ kkS dgS lqHkV~V A xf.k;k tklh fng³k ds nl ds vV~B kk - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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/ kuoUrk / kUk CkkaVtkS yk [ kkS dgS lqHkV~V A xf.k;k tklh fng³k ds nl ds vV~B kk A man of wisdom – the Village Chief

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A man of wisdom – the Village Chief

(Mr. LaakhaaPhoolaani) declares for the man of resources that please distribute the riches (for the good/ for the needy) as the life is only of Eight-Ten days and shall fly away very soon.

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The wife of the Chief (Raani) while gently objecting says that my Husband talks too far from the truth of life, as the people who found dancing and enjoying the previous night could not see the sun rise of the next day! This is life.


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The daughter of the Chief (Kunwari) protested strongly and said my father was far-far away from the truth and my mother too compared the past night with the next day morning is still too far from the truth of life. What life will be during the blink of an eye; nobody Knows.


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The maid servant (Daasi) politely explained the very fact of life while saying that her master, his wife and the loving daughter all of them missed the fact of life in their own way. The fact of life is – the breath is an unscheduled visitor, it may or may not come.


The fact of life is – the breath is an unscheduled visitor, it may or may not come. What to talk of eight-ten days, night/morning or the blink of an eye; even the blink will not be possible without the breath. This is the real truth of life, and that too is an auto function governed by the supreme power; not in the control of the mortal human being.


A story says:

A wealthy man was told by the Healers of all walks that now the stage has reached where their method of treating is of no avail.

The moment he listens this declaration, he started trembling and was ready to pay any amount or do anything for the person who shows the ray of hope to survive!


No mortal being wants to well-come his death or even wish to die.

Out of the blues he came to know about my abilities which can help him survive.

I was called upon to do the best at any cost so that he survives.


I told him that he will have to do one work to survive, the rest responsibility to keep him alive will be mine.

His eyes dazzled in the hope to survive. He happily declared that he is ready to do that work, come what may. Please tell me quickly!


I told him with all possible poise at my command– Sir, please continue inhaling and exhaling without any fail, the rest I will take care of to keep you alive!

We all laugh here! Because this is not the way of teasing the departing mortal being; is not it? Yes! The first reaction of all of us would be similar.


But, my dear friends! with listening the advise given to that wealthy man conveys a very subtle truth of life that we encounter only for the first time in our life that it is not we, who inhale and exhale but it is a pure and simple auto function. Not with in the control of a mortal human being.


We are taught in the schools by the English Teacher as the Universal truth:

“The Sun rises in the East”.

Taught as the universal truth which is the biggest untruth we can ever say, we all know that the Sun never rises, it is our planet Earth that rotates towards the Sun.


We say “I am breathing”.

Is the biggest untruthful sentence, as now we are aware that breathing is an auto function and not in the control of a mortal human being.

We should humbly say “Breath is coming and going” not be mislead by this statement that “I am breathing.”


If this truth is perceived in the real sense then there will be no nonsense in the behaviour of ours.

We will be more humble, humane, modest in our life and that is the goal of being human.

The American Philosopher Professor Will Durant declares in the following prophetic way:


The very first lesson of History is


Because the planet on which

We inhabit is a

Tiny spot in this

Infinite Universe

And the word


Used for our existence

Is also an


-- Will Durant


Conveys the same that our existence is much smaller than momentary (the breath may come or may not come we can never be sure!)

Conveying the same what we find in our Rajasthani Folk Wisdom Couplets.

Folk wisdom and the highest of study shake hands here!



My request with folded hands:

Please opt for



Humble and Humane


To live the life of a

Human being . . .as we are now sure that the breath is an un-scheduled visitor may come, may not come . . .

-- Dr. Ashok Bohra “Anitya”



  • I Wish You All
  • A Happy,
  • Healthy And
  • Meaningful
  • Life Ahead. . .

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