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QuickBooks QB i 2009/10 New Features Presented by Helen Goodyear

QuickBooks QB i 2009/10 New Features Presented by Helen Goodyear. Session Overview. Objectives for 2009/10 Updates and Enhancements since R8 A look at the New and Enhanced features for QuickBooks QB i 2009/10. Objectives for the QB i 2009/10 release.

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QuickBooks QB i 2009/10 New Features Presented by Helen Goodyear

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  1. QuickBooks QBi 2009/10 New FeaturesPresented by Helen Goodyear

  2. Session Overview Objectives for 2009/10 Updates and Enhancements since R8 A look at the New and Enhanced features for QuickBooks QBi 2009/10

  3. Objectives for the QBi 2009/10 release Release a high quality, robust product Consolidation release Increase confidence in the product Bridging the gap between Reckon Development and the Partner Network Market ready software Staggered release ACs PPs Customers

  4. Updates and enhancements since R8 Reports, including Tax Reports and 101 significantly optimised Bank Reconciliation page now fixed Audit company file – Tax Exception Report now fixed Improved tax code linking on balance sheet accounts

  5. New Features for QBi 2009/10 New Features for QBi 2009/10 Localised Chart of Accounts for the New Zealand market Customisable Home Page (Account Balances & Color Scheme) QB Google Marketing Tools Accountants Data Transfer Tool (ADT) integration

  6. Enhanced Features for QBi 2009/10 Enhanced Features for QBi 2009/10 Reckon Tools Backup integration (Previously Intrepid Backup)

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  8. Localised COA for the New Zealand market Key Features Available in all versions Called APS Standard New Chart Of Accounts (COA) available in QuickBooks specifically relevant for the Australian Market Key Benefits Improves the data integrity of transactions and their reporting It allows Bookkeepers and Accountants to assist and audit their clients records more efficiently Lends itself to an easier integration of QuickBooks with other Reckon products (example - APS Advance and Reckon Asset Manager) & other AU Accounting practice programs

  9. Customising the Home Page – Account Balances Key Features In QuickBooks you can now set a preference to show or hide the Account Balances on the Home Page. Company wide preference with the default set to ‘off’ Key Benefits Allows your clients to control the access of confidential account balances and prevents balances being exposed to others unintentionally

  10. Customising the Home Page – Home Page color Key Features Changing the background colour in preferences now also applies the selected colour scheme to the Home Page User –based preference Key Benefits It allows users to quickly and easily identify multiple company files, especially making it easier for those working on many different files at the same time Could potential reduce errors of working on a file you didn’t intend to In multi-user environments staff have a visual prompt for their login which again assists in the accuracy of the audit trail

  11. QB Google Marketing Tools Google Maps and Google AdWords Available in QuickBooks Accounting and above Key Features – Google Maps Free listing on Google Maps which makes it really easy for customers to locate a business Information such as address, contact details, hours of operation, even pictures can be made available

  12. QB Google Marketing Tools Key Benefits It could potentially generate a lot of new business for your clients and yourselves It provides increased visibility on the internet, a part of a successful business marketing strategy Easy and economical way to get into marketing their business

  13. QB Google Marketing Tools Key Features – Google AdWords Gives users the ability to create their ads and choose keyword, so that when customers search on Google, they will be able to easily find their business Number of visits to website from ad and other web statistics available to monitor the success of the marketing strategy Charges do apply however work on pre-paid basis so that you decide what your budget is per month

  14. Accountants Data Transfer Tool (ADT) integration Key Features The ADT tool now available as a menu option in Premier & Enterprise Accountant edition The ADT application allows you to export and then import QuickBooks transactions into supported practice management software for reporting and analysis purposes Currently integrates with the AU and NZ versions of MYOB MAS Accounts or Accountant’s Office New report: ADT Journal Report also available as part of this feature!

  15. Accountants Data Transfer Tool (ADT) integration Key Benefits The Accountants Data Transfer Tools available at your fingertips - within your own application Improves workflow, removes the need to re-key data, saves you time and makes it easier to run reports and analyse your client’s QuickBooks transactions

  16. Intrepid Backup Integration Key Features Seamless integration between QuickBooks and Intrepid Backup The QuickBooks company file is automatically uploaded to the backup server, essentially improving efficiency and reducing workflow Once you have signed up for an account, users select the Online Backup option and login. The QuickBooks file will automatically be uploaded onto your Intrepid Backup Account

  17. Intrepid Integration Key Benefits The seamless integration between QuickBooks 2009/10 and Reckon Tools Backup makes it even easier to now securely backup the QuickBooks company file to an offsite location Improves the workflow as users will no longer need to open a new browser and manually backup their files

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