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Oskar Barnack

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Oskar Barnack. (1879-1936) Shania Kilmer Media 203. Born 1 November, 1879 Lynow , Nuthe-Urstromtal , Germany Died 16 January 1936 (aged 56), Bad Nauheim , Germany Optical engineer, industrial designer and precision mechanic. Background.

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oskar barnack

Oskar Barnack


Shania Kilmer

Media 203

Born 1 November, 1879 Lynow, Nuthe-Urstromtal, Germany
  • Died 16 January 1936 (aged 56), Bad Nauheim, Germany
  • Optical engineer, industrial designer and precision mechanic
background cont
Barnack was an avid photographer, but the equipment required for photography proved difficult for him to carry around, due to his asthma and other health problemsBackground cont…
the birth of the 35mm
Because of such health problems limiting his ability to take photographs, Barnack set out to decrease the weight and size of cameras and equipment needed for outdoor photography using his engineering skills.The Birth of the 35mm
contributions to the world of photography
Known as the “Father of the 35mm Photography”, this new method of photography was the result of Barnack’s efforts to create a more convenient photographic medium.
  • This 35mm design helped contribute to the enlargement of photos in the darkroom after exposing a small area of film to create a negative.
Contributions to the World of Photography
the leica
Leica became the name of the camera Barnack produced because the optician, Ernst Leitz was the one who approved the original production of the camera and Leica stands for ‘LeitzCamera’
  • Released to public in 1925
The Leica
the leica cont
To operate, the Leica utilized standardized film strip that had been adapted from 35mm Edison roll-film instead of the traditional exposure plates used in previous Leitz camera models.The Leica cont…