establishment of kahramanmara research technology center to support regional development and smes n.
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Kahraman Maraş Region

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Establishment of Kahramanmaraş Research &Technology Center to support Regional Development and SMEs.

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Kahraman Maraş Region

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establishment of kahramanmara research technology center to support regional development and smes

Establishment of Kahramanmaraş Research &Technology Centerto supportRegional Development and SMEs

Özer ÇINAR, PhD., P.E., DirectorRegion of Kahraman MaraşKahraman Maraş Research and Technology Center (KARTEM) Kahramanmaras, TURKEY, 46060-9Tel: +90 344 219 1277 ; E-Mail :

kahraman mara region
Kahraman Maraş Region
  • Key Data
    • Area: 14,346 km2
    • Total population: 1,002,384
    • Population Density: 70
    • Urban population: 54%
    • Rural population: 46%
    • Working population: 471,120
    • Unemployment rate: 13.0% (2005)
kahraman mara region1
Kahraman Maraş Region
  • Sectors of Activity
    • Farming and agro-food industry: Arable farming, forestry and wood-working, animal feed plants
    • Industry: Textile, pulp and paper, steel kitchen utensils, thermo-power plants, Hydro-power plants, vegetable oil, and ice cream manufacturing
    • Services: Banking, insurance, tourism
  • Main Assets
    • Rich natural resources (lignite, bauxite, iron, and barite), wide variety of landscapes, abundant water reserves (hydroelectric power stations).
    • Cultural and geographical heritage marked by Byzantium, Seljuk and Ottoman Empires (Eshab-ı Keyf, Castle, Ulu Mosque, and Stone Madrasah)
    • Best known for its production of salep, a flour made from dried orchid tubers and its distinctive ice cream.
kahraman mara region2
Kahraman Maraş Region
  • Kahramanmaraş Sutcuimam University
    • Founded in 1992.
    • 13500 students, 667 academicians, and 530 administrators.
    • Two Main Campuses
      • Avsar Campus - 266 hectares
      • Karacasu Campus - 100 hectares
    • 7 Faculties
      • Science and Letters,
      • Economics and Management,
      • Engineering,
      • Medicine,
      • Forestry,
      • Agriculture,
      • Theology.
problems faced by main stakeholders in the region
Problems Faced by Main Stakeholders in the Region
  • Region Administration (Provincial Directorate of Administrate)
    • Lack of research and development facilities to support regional developments in the region
    • Suboptimal agricultural productivity
  • Small-Medium Enterprises
    • Lack of research and development facilities and capabilities
    • Difficulties in adapting to ever-changing world developments from managerial and technological point of view
    • Problems in transferring novel technologies.
    • Lack of environmental awareness.
    • Lack of qualified employees and managers.
    • Lack of efficiency in productivity.
    • Lack of skills and capabilities to adapt to changes in competitive business world.
  • Kahraman Maraş Sütçüimam University
    • Lack of research and development facilities to help SMEs and local governments in the region
    • Insufficient cooperation between university and SMEs along with local governments
the solution is
The solution is…
  • To establish Research and Technology Center
    • First, Project Coordination Team was established in May 2006 with special agreement between the Provincial Directorate of Administration and Kahramanmaras Sutcuimam University.
    • Kahraman Maraş Research and Technology Center was founded in March 2007
    • A project to construct state-of-art building for the center was submitted to EU pre-accession funds.
    • A project for regional development of 12 million Euro will be submitted to State Planning Organization of Turkey in early May 2007.
objectives to construct r t center
Objectives to Construct R&T Center
  • To provide scientific information flow and to enhance mutual relations among the beneficiaries.
  • To increase and enrich various economical activities in the region.
  • To construct a work place to provide practical, scientific and technical, managerial solutions for problems faced by SMEs and Local Government in Kahraman Maraş.
  • To promote the conversion of research and development activities into commercial investments.
  • To convey scientific and human resources into agricultural and industrial productivities.
  • To create a joint research center where research and development activities will improve the quality of students as well as enhancing research capabilities of universities academic stuff.
platforms in the r t center
Platforms in the R&T Center
  • Sustainable and Renewable Energy
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Science & Technology
  • Plant Science
  • Animal Science
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Forestry Science and Forestry Product Technology
  • Medical Science
  • Engineering and Material Science
  • Social and Regional Planning
center units
Center Units
  • Research Laboratories : 4000 m2
    • Bioengineering and Biotechnology Lab
    • Plant Science Lab
    • Animal Science Lab
    • Environmental Engineering & Science Lab
    • Sustainable and Renewable Energy Lab
    • Food Science and Technology Lab
    • Medical Science Lab
    • Forestry Science and Forest Product Technology Lab
    • Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing Lab
    • Material Science and Nanotechnology Lab
center units cont
Center Units (Cont.)
  • Joint Research and Accredited Laboratories : 2100 m2
    • Water and Wastewater Analysis Lab
    • Fuel Analysis Lab
    • Fiber and Textile Analysis Lab
    • Soil Analysis Lab
    • Food Analysis Lab
  • Other Units : 2250 m2
    • Administrative Units
    • Researcher Offices
    • Graduate Student Offices
    • Graduate Student Classes
    • Seminar Room
  • TOTAL : 8350 m2 (net) : 14.000 m2 (gross)