Class of june 2013 congratulations
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Class of June 2013 Congratulations!.

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Class of june 2013 congratulations

Class of June 2013Congratulations!

“If someone asks me these days where are you from and what do you do, my answer won’t be the same. Now I am Colombian lawyer working in Africa and the Middle East, with a masters degree from the American University in Cairo. This is the world today, with no barriers or frontiers to achieve our goals”.

“As every foreigner, it took me sometime to understand that the harder I tried to change unexpected situations (like the dust coming every day to my balcony or the speed of the city on a Friday,) the quicker the pharaoh’s magic returned to make me realize that it was me and not this ancient land that was going to end up adjusting. I was for sure in a very special place”.

Johanna Santos

International and Comparative Law (LLM)

International Associate,

Rosenblatt & Company Law Firm

“I applied, and I was accepted-and I came to Egypt and attended the conference. And it was during that trip that I saw Egypt it full activity-pulsating, alive. At that time I felt for once, a real bondage, an intimacy. I fell in love”.

“I vividly remember my first week in AUC. I started here in the new campus-and I recall looking out the window and reflecting-in other words, daydreaming-about how a week before I was sitting for my last final exam, in a completely different place, and I looked outside the window and smiled-

I knew that I would be home soon-experiencing this moment. And here I am, I made it. I am home”.


MA in English and Comparative Literature

Claims Research,

Contracts and Claims Department,

OrascomConstruction Industries (OCI)

“The AUC distinguished professors, the top notch accredited programs, and the recognized quality education enabled me to pass through the very competitive and rigorous selection process until I got admitted to an accredited PhD program in the USA”.“The positions available were competitive, requiring a high GMAT score and a high caliber of students were applying. The same goes for the fellowships”.


MBA program

Jameel MBA fellow

“To me, AUC is more than just an academic institution. It is my second home, and the place where I have such wonderful memories and friendships that I cherish. Learning at AUC could be best described as a journey of knowledge acquisition, sharing, and active engagement”.

“It is where I learned to appreciate the differences between people, to realize that despite the many differences they might have; they also share so much in common. It is where I recognized that the world is only a bigger classroom, where one learns something new every day”.


Master of Public Policy,

Social and Environmental Policy

Program Associate- UN Women

“Looking back at the times of my bachelors’ degree, I learnt one key thing at AUC, and that is my potential has no limits. I learnt that I should continuously pursue my passion no matter how and when...”.

“The day has come for us to celebrate our success and earn our degrees. And in order to start our journey of "what’s next" we need to find our inspiration from the destination we reached today. We have gone through sleepless nights, moments of doubt, ups and downs. But we finally made it and now we are ready to embark on our new and exciting adventure of “what’s next“.

Dina El Turky,

MA in Counseling Psychology

Senior Brand Manager

“Just as I am grateful to AUC as an institution for supporting our and my personal development, teaching us not what but how to think, and instilling the principles of rights, obligations and freedoms… just as it is my belief that Egypt still embodies these elements and will progress just as we did; mostly because of our commitment, our hope and US”.

Ahmed Alaa Fayed

Public Administration

“I supporting our and my personal development, teaching us not what but how to think, and instilling the principles of rights, obligations and freedoms… just as it is my belief that Egypt still embodies these elements and will progress just as we did; mostly because of our commitment, our hope and US”.had a dream and AUC fulfilled that dream by giving me the tools to achieve it”. ““Did I make the right decision?” a question that rang at the back of my mind for almost 7 years especially when I decided to leave a career as a pharmacist and think of counseling. The question unanswered as partially in 2009 when AUC opened the Masters program of counseling program, the first counseling Master’s program in Egypt, I was very excited to join it“.


MA in Counseling Psychology

Free Lance Trainer

“About the AUC departments’ role during my journey, it is definitely a great one. That is beginning from graduate workshop passing by graduate services and available research resources and ending by library services; all

enhanced my studies and research through my Masters”.

“My whole experience at AUC was really positive and it adds a lot to my knowledge. Whenever I apply at a job they look at my C.V and know that I am AUCian, they look at me with respect”.

Nourhan El Sebahy

Master of Journalism and Mass Communication

Journalist in Al Watan Newspaper

“The abilities, wisdom and strength of your characters are needed now more than in any period in Egyptian history. The Egypt of today, rather the world of today, needs your contributions and strength more than ever. I hope that this great responsibility is met with great achievements by these distinguished graduates in the near future”.

Khaled El Kinnawi

MS in Nanotechnology, Electronics

ASIC Engineer, Synopsis