Activity report EMTA internal affairs
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Activity report EMTA internal affairs General Meeting Copenhagen 18 April 2013 Working session - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Activity report EMTA internal affairs General Meeting Copenhagen 18 April 2013 Working session. EMTA Internal Affairs. A Internal Affairs Foreseen Activities 2011. Approval of Berlin GM - Record of Decisions

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Activity report EMTA internal affairs

General Meeting Copenhagen

18 April 2013

Working session

Emta internal affairs
EMTA Internal Affairs

  • A

  • InternalAffairs

  • ForeseenActivities 2011

  • Approval of Berlin GM - Record of Decisions

  • Accounting: - closing of the 2012 account- endorsing 1st revised budget 2013 (treasurer) Carlos

  • Membership issues- Resignation letter SYPTE (David Brown)- aVM abolished: no continuation Generalitat expected

  • New membership: MR Rotterdam-Den Haag

    Other options?

  • European level

  • Membership

  • Surveys

  • Working groups

Progress report at european level 1
Progress Report at European Level (1)

  • A

  • Europeanlevel

  • Working Groups

  • ForeseenActivities 2011

DG-MOVE agenda (1)

  • EC-launching document on SUMPs (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans) in preparation; EMTA-support offered support to EC  Bid prepared in REVOLVE(CENTRO-CRTM and 4 members) Maria and Rafael Cuesta (CENTRO);EMTA is involved in the launching doc for SUMPs

  • Access Restrictions Stakeholders ARS meeting (review of the DG MOVE progress on implementation Action Plan on Urban Mobility February 5, 2013 Brussels) Broad stakeholders meeting 16/04/2013.

  • Urban ITS Expert group – Deliverables EC January 19,Smart ticketing, Multimodal Travel Information, Traffic dataPublic consultation 1 Februari started.

     See draft comment on Guidelines for Multimodal Travel information (11/4/2013): closing recommendations and future ambitions, to be discussed in Roundtable 1 Digitalization

Progress report at european level 2
Progress Report at European Level (2)

  • A

  • Europeanaffairs

  • Working Groups

  • ForeseenActivities 2011

DG-MOVE Agenda (2)

  • Enabling Regulation (EC proposal COM(2012) 730 final)

    Protest to remove of art.9 (PSO 1370/2007) block exemption of notification for State aid on public service contracts: issue of joint communiqué (dd. 29/01/13) to DG MOVE/DG COMP/DG Markt)

  • Interpretative Guidelines on PSO regulation 1370/2007

    Publication awaited this month!

  • Modifications of the PSO regulation (i.e. thresholds on article 5.6 exception on compulsory tendering)

  • Fourth Railway Package: range of legal impacts i.e. on the restriction of exemption for tendering PSC for railways

Progress report at european level 3
Progress Report at European Level (3)

  • TEN-T: Next round of TEN-T budget to be announced as part of the ESF for 2014-2020

  • City HUB-project: EMTA SG involved as expert partnerinception workshop (Budapest 20 March). Main goal improve  the Deliverable 2.1Review of theory, policy and practice about interchanges.

  • Europeanaffairs

Emta deliverables
EMTA deliverables

  • A

  • Europeanlevel

  • Publications

  • Directory 2011

    • Content almost completed: lack of advertisers to lower costs incurred. Note: some members took over a year to update input  “law of the handicap of the head start”: update needed from those members who delivered on time! For next time mind the social aspect: start timely and give priority or leave it all together. ALL FOR ONE!

    • Full version will be uploaded on website.

  • Barometer 2011

    • Published december 2012.

  • Vision on Metropolisation:courtesy to Lorenza Tomasoni of Laboratoire Ville Mobilité Transport (Université de Paris ( Comments: please before May 1, 2013.Goal: transform to EMTA Brief (mid May)

  • Europeanlevel

  • Membership

  • Surveys

  • Working groups

Progress report
Progress Report

  • A

  • Europeanlevel

  • Working Groups

  • ForeseenActivities 2011

NFC Working Group

  • Still room to enlarge participation of EMTA-members, in support of NFC-working group to enrich debate, draw useful recommendations.

  • Working group: Barcelona, Oslo, Manyfold impediments to enter into testing NFC

  • Progress report on intermediary findings: today by our special guest at Roundtable 1 (digitalization).

    Barometer Working Group (relaunch)

  • Leaflet format for 2012 improved and simultaneously work on a new format for publication in 2014 (data 2012)

  • develop an open data platform for all members

  • DG MOVE meeting 2-3 May? To start scoping DG MOVE needs on data. (Maria/Ruud)

  • To confirm and open up for new entrants. Volunteers? Now in: Torino, Barcelona, Madrid, Warsaw, Montreal.

Progress report1
Progress Report

  • A

  • Europeanlevel

  • Working Groups

  • ForeseenActivities 2011

Accessibility Working Group (AWG)

Small group: in need of fresh impulse, building new strategies

  • mr L. Alegre (ATM): analyse possible connections on ITS-strategy of MM travel information, wayfinding, open data. Proposal for relaunch of AWG with focus on:- search partners tofollow up on Europe regulationsin order to enhance EMTA visibility- stimulate integration of accessibility in European projects on intermodality/accessibility (i.e. Eltis, Origami)- seek ways to cooperate with European Disability Forum- transfer of knowledge on good practices to all EMTA members (database on the EMTA website?)

  • Announced: “European Accessibility Act”, by end of 2012? In Berlin was also announced: a survey on barriers to accessing public spaces, buildings and services ?

  • Call for members to join our AWG: volunteers ?

Progress report2
Progress Report

  • A

  • Europeanlevel

  • Working Groups

  • ForeseenActivities 2011

…Working Group on EU regulation:

- PSO (Fourth Railway Package, Interpretative guidelines)

- Procurement Directive (recast)

Planning to put a working group together, attracting knowledge of expertise of Avanzata Consulting e.o.

Need for renew expertise and energy.

Queries reports
Queries reports

- BKK Budapest: survey on geographical/geospatial info systems (GIS)

- CRTM Madrid: Multimodal Management Centers from (Laura)

- VBB Berlin: Social media in PTA’s (Eike Arnold): full report in Vienna

- ZTM Warsaw: free ticket for employees of OA’s

- CRTM Madrid: Trimestrial passes (Laura)

- Politecnico di Torino (Technical University of Torino): benchmark study about Public Transport and Metropolitan Authorities.Request of prof. Cristina Pronello: had only 8 responses,Please help CP to fill out more! (see email of SA of January 21 with link)

- Susisiekimo paslaugos: Ownership of e-ticketing equipment (Vilnius):Great score (21 respondents) and interesting outcome!

  • Queriesand questionnaires


  • E-ticket equipment belongs to PT Agency in 11 of 22 cities.

  • E-ticket equipment belongs to PT operators in 13 of 22 cities.

  • 2 cities would like to own the e-ticket equipment in the future.

  • The e-ticketing equipment subsidized for operators in 2 cities.

answers provided to the ”express questionnaire on ownershipof e-ticketing equipment in EMTA METROPOLITAN AREAS”

  • South Yorkshire (Great Britain)

  • Birmingham (Great Britain)

  • London (Great Britain)

  • Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  • Copenhagen (Denmark)

  • Prague (CzechRepublic)

  • Budapest (Hungary)

  • Warsaw (Poland)

  • Helsinki (Finland)

  • Berlin (Germany)

  • Frankfurt (Germany)

  • Stuttgart (Germany)

  • Barcelona (Spain)

  • Valencia (Spain)

  • Madrid (Spain)

  • Seville (Spain)

  • Lyon (France)

  • Cadiz (Portugal)

  • Tallinn (Estonia)

  • Montreal (Canada)

  • Stockholm (Sweden)

Progress report3
Progress Report

  • A

  • Other initiatives

  • Working Groups

  • ForeseenActivities 2011

FSR proposal

Renewed proposal on staff courses (training or workshops)

from Torino (SG-comments and suggestions): 4 years

Programme, once a year 2 days training

Proposal ((with regard to the current state of play):

a) take up preparation of a pilot (preferably with FSR) aiming both at staff and PTA’s-management, with a specific focus to European and transport Regulations, policies (‘acquis communautaire’

b) EMTA can gear with renowned scholars & training methods of other organisazations( (check on UITP, Erasmus Univ. Rotterdam, Politecnica Torino) to acquire proper level of knowledge, in an economic and didacticly viable manner.

Next step: contact EUR, Torino and FSR (prof. M. Finger) on final concept programma. Start launch pilot: Autumn 2013 ?

Please give us some comments and experiences.


Thank you all very much for your consideration to all the queries!

If you have questions or remarks, now is the time!