City university academic affairs report summer of 2004
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City University Academic Affairs Report Summer of 2004. A General Overview. Student enrollments An average of slightly over 13,000 per quarter USA 72%, Abroad 28% Median age for undergraduates around 31 in the US and for graduates around 37 Over 39,000 alumni worldwide Faculty

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City university academic affairs report summer of 2004
City UniversityAcademic Affairs ReportSummer of 2004

A general overview
A General Overview

  • Student enrollments

    • An average of slightly over 13,000 per quarter

    • USA 72%, Abroad 28%

    • Median age for undergraduates around 31 in the US and for graduates around 37

  • Over 39,000 alumni worldwide

  • Faculty

    • Full-Time: 116

    • Part-Time: 964

Profiles by schools and regions
ProfilesbySchools and Regions

A profile of sobm
A Profile of SOBM

  • Students: roughly 4,554 enrollments per quarter (an additional 3,291 per quarter abroad); slightly more men than women

  • Faculty

    • Full-Time: 16.5

    • Part Time: 386

  • Programs

    • Undergraduate: BSBA with 6 emphases, BS in Accounting, BS Computer Systems, BS Mass Communications and Journalism

    • Graduate: MBA with 7 emphases, MS in Computer Systems, MS in Project Management, MA in Management, Master of Public Administration

A profile of asoe
A Profile of ASOE

  • Students: an average of 4,752 enrollments per quarter (an additional 174 per quarter abroad); mostly women

  • Faculty

    • Full-Time: 33

    • Part-Time: 257

  • Programs

    • Undergraduate: BA in Education

    • Graduate: MEd (Educational Leadership & Principal Certification, Reading and Literacy, Integrated Arts and Performance Learning, Integrated Technology and Learning, Guidance and Counseling), MIT

A profile of hsabs
A Profile of HSABS

  • Students: roughly 404 enrollments per quarter (an additional 281 per quarter abroad); mostly women

  • Faculty

    • Full-Time: 5

    • Part-Time: 72

  • Programs

    • Undergraduate: BA in Applied Psychology

    • Graduate: MA in Counseling Psychology

A profile of canada
A Profile of Canada

  • Type of presence: exclusively City University

  • Students: 608 enrollments per quarter (HSABS 282, ASOE 174, SOBM 152)

  • Faculty

    • Full-Time: 2.5

    • Part-Time: 129 (16 for ASOE; 30 for SOBM, and 83 for HSABS)

  • Programs

    • Graduate: MA in Counseling Psychology, MBA, and MEd

A profile of europe
A Profile of Europe

  • Type of presence

    • exclusively City University in Slovakia

    • through partnerships in Bulgaria (International Business School), Greece (OMC/City College), the Czech Republic (Institute of Finance and Administration), and Romania (Romanian Banking Institute),

  • Students: an average quarterly enrollment of about 2,850; at an undergraduate level younger, non-working; at a graduate level same profile as US

  • Faculty

    • Full-Time: 59

    • Part-Time: 100

  • All SOBM related programs: BSBA, BSCS, MBA, MSCS, MAM

A profile of china
A Profile of China

  • Type of presence: City University in partnership with CIBT and Beijing University of Technology

  • Students: roughly 292 enrollments per quarter

  • Faculty: 20 part-time

  • Program: MBA and Boeing sponsored MBA

Sobm accomplishments
SOBM Accomplishments

  • Program review processes and outcomes-based program development

  • Design of programs in four areas: International Business, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Leadership and Human Resources

  • Transition of programs to an online environment

  • Connection to the corporate community

  • Hiring of new SOBM Dean after national search

Asoe accomplishments
ASOE Accomplishments

  • Enrollments above projected growth for each quarter of 2003-2004 (e.g., new starts of MIT cohorts in Bellevue, Tacoma, and Vancouver, WA)

  • Presence of ASOE faculty in conferences and professional organizations

  • Increased diversity of teacher preparation programs

  • Identification of baseline competencies for outcomes assessment

  • Compliance with the newly adopted State standards for teacher preparation programs

Hsabs accomplishments
HSABS Accomplishments

  • Growth in MACP cohorts (i.e., Bellevue)

  • Redesign of BA in Applied Psychology

  • Establishment of Advisory Boards

  • Support for expansion in Canada

Canadian programs accomplishments
Canadian Programs Accomplishments

  • Continued growth of MACP program (e.g., Edmonton and Victoria)

  • Service to the community (e.g., Community Counseling Clinics associated with MACP programs in Calgary and Vancouver)

  • Substantive expansion of MEd programs

  • Articulation agreements with several community colleges to position BSBA and MBA programs

  • 4th Annual Graduate Recognition and Community Celebration Dinner

European programs accomplishments
European Programs Accomplishments

  • Response to local instructional needs (e.g., coaching faculty and conducting workshops)

  • Improved consistency and standards among instructors (e.g., pilot performance evaluation system for faculty)

  • Assisted professional growth through grant projects

  • Integrated with scholastic honesty program

  • All contracts with partners review and updated

China accomplishments
China Accomplishments

  • Start of two Boeing MBA cohorts

  • Intensification of marketing activities in China and relationship building with government officials in both China and the US

  • Improved communication between City University and CIBT staff

  • Reinforced academic advising for students

  • Initial exploration of Shanghai and Guangzhou

Celt accomplishments
CELT Accomplishments

  • Preparation of new Teaching Faculty in both face-to-face and online instructional modes 

  • Capacity building in the areas of program and course design, scholarship, online learning, coaching, grading and assessment and student-centered learning

  • Increased gathering and analysis of metrics on faculty development effectiveness

  • Faculty Consultants in China and Europe

  • Pilot Mentors Program

Library accomplishments
Library Accomplishments

  • Raised awareness of City University library services (e.g., publicity materials and the portal)

  • Facilitation of the Information Literacy Task Force

  • Creation of new public web page and portal’s library channel (with ITS support)

Continuing education extension accomplishments
Continuing Education/Extension Accomplishments

  • United Training Consortium articulation agreement

  • Relationship with business development consultant Realized Performance

  • Review of QUEST and the expansion of programs beyond the K-12 educational offerings

  • Development of relationships between QUEST and high quality educational program providers

  • Expansion of online distance learning enrollments

Sobm challenges
SOBM Challenges

  • Connection, visibility, and activities with relevant corporate groups in the region

  • Roles, responsibilities, and expectations of Program Directors and Senior Faculty

  • Appropriate concept (and possible staffing) of quality of service to students

  • Consistency of programs across sites

  • Improved time-to-market response

Asoe challenges
ASOE Challenges

  • Implementation of systematic assessment across all programs

  • Development of mixed mode and on-line delivery formats

  • Greater diversity of faculty and staff

  • Exploration and support of new programs

  • Review and possible reorganization of sites outside of Bellevue

Hsabs challenges
HSABS Challenges

  • Appropriate resources and infrastructure support for programs in all locations and delivery modes

  • Greater attention of teaching faculty

  • Development of innovative modes of delivery

Canadian programs challenges
Canadian Programs Challenges

  • Evolution of flexible delivery formats incorporating on-line capabilities

  • Continued recognition and acceptance by regulatory authorities

  • Recognition by professional, business and educational communities in the Canadian context

  • Improved support to current programs and services for continued and sustained growth

European programs challenges
European Programs Challenges

  • Preparation for the 2005 Accreditation visit

  • Resolve immediate library services concerns

  • Transition our traditional DL program to a hybrid and online environment

  • Greater consistency in faculty related processes

  • More support and involvement in operations outside of Slovakia

China challenges
China Challenges

  • The recruitment and orientation/training strategy for both faculty and students

  • Effects of Chinese people caring for famous, big brand names

  • Perceived gap between expectation of students and CU instructors

  • Possible new programs to meet the needs of the market

Celt challenges
CELT Challenges

  • Alignment and focus in all of the CELT activities with the City University learning/teaching model and the standards of effective instruction

  • Consistent and readily-available orientation and training for Teaching Faculty

  • Support in the quality of program and course design, development and delivery in all instructional modes

  • Facilitation of scholarship as defined by City University

Library challenges
Library Challenges

  • Appropriate management of current electronic resources, and creation of new electronic tools

  • Continuation of the information literacy initiative

  • Development of robust library services to all Canadian students

  • Completion of reclassification project to Library of Congress for all library materials

Continuing education extension challenges
Continuing Education/Extension Challenges

  • Integration of City University Extension activities with the University’s strategic plan

  • Integration of all business development-related activities occurring within City University

  • Improvement of QUEST-specific promotional strategies and identification of “hub” resources, organizations, and agencies to enhance revenue generation

  • Meet revenue targets while controlling costs

Goals academic affairs 2004 2005
GoalsAcademic Affairs2004-2005

Goals for Academic Affairs 2004-20051. Review, refinement and operationalization of the City University teaching/learning model in a scalable, replicable, and cost effective manner2. Analysis and adjustment of the structure, operation, processes, and participation pertaining to City University Academic Affairs3. Promotion and implementation of a focus on learning and culture of evidence across all Schools and programs at City University4. Strengthening of the overall quality, responsiveness, and diversity of City University faculty and programs5. Review of City University programs and sites outside the USA6. Support in the articulation of a shared vision for City University