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Bacteria. Proteobacteria. Purple phototrophic bacteria. Bacteriochlorophyll. Carotenoids. Purple Sulfur Bacteria. H 2 S. S o. hydrogen sulfide. Elemental sulfur. Purple sulfur bacteria. Purple nonsulfur bacteria. Photoheterotrophs. Nitrifying Bacteria. Nitrosococcus oceani.

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  1. Bacteria

  2. Proteobacteria

  3. Purple phototrophic bacteria Bacteriochlorophyll Carotenoids

  4. Purple Sulfur Bacteria H2S So hydrogen sulfide Elemental sulfur

  5. Purple sulfur bacteria

  6. Purple nonsulfur bacteria Photoheterotrophs

  7. Nitrifying Bacteria

  8. Nitrosococcus oceani Nitrobacter winogradskyi

  9. Ammonia monooxygenase : ammonia to hydroxylamine Nitrite oxidase : nitrite to nitrate

  10. Methanotrophs & Methylotrophs Methanotrophs=Obligate aerobes

  11. Vibrio and Photobacterium Vibrio cholerae Broza & Halper. Nature. 2001 Jul 5;412(6842):40 Pathogen reservoirs. Chironomid egg masses and Vibrio cholerae

  12. coral-bleaching pathogen Vibrio shiloi Fireworm Hermodice carunculata

  13. Bioluminescent bacteria Vibrio fischeri Photobacterium phosphoreum Luciferase FMNH2 + O2 + RCHO FMN + H2O + RCOOH+light FMN –flavin mononucleotide Autoinduction, quorum sensing

  14. Rickettsias Obligate intracellular parasites

  15. Wolbachia Parthenogenesis Killing of males Feminization

  16. Wolbachia

  17. Buchnera aphidicola Gammaproteobacteria

  18. Gram-Positive bacteria

  19. Gram-Positive bacteria Low GC

  20. Lactic acid bacteria NO porphyrins and cytochromes Electron transport phosphorylation Substrate level Phosphorylation only Aerotolerant anaerobes

  21. High GC Streptomyces Actinomyces conidia

  22. Cyanobacteria

  23. Cyanobacteria Chlorophyll a Phycobilins N2 fixation (some)

  24. Cyanobacteria Divinyl Chlorophyll a Chlorophyll b a-carotene Prochlorococcus

  25. Planctomyces No peptidoglycan Nucleated prokaryotes

  26. Green Sulfur Bacteria

  27. Green Sulfur Bacteria Chlorobium limicola Chlorobaculum

  28. Green Sulfur Bacteria “Chlorochromatium aggregatum”

  29. Hyperthermophiles

  30. Hyperthermophiles Thermotoga Aquifex Thermodesulfobacterium

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