vocabulary lesson 3 n.
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Vocabulary Lesson #3

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Vocabulary Lesson #3 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vocabulary Lesson #3. 5 stems 15 words. circum - around. circumlocution. a roundabout way of speaking. The defendant’s circumlocutions caused the jury to believe he was guilty. Where you there?.

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Vocabulary Lesson #3

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vocabulary lesson 3

Vocabulary Lesson #3

5 stems

15 words

  • a roundabout way of speaking
the defendant s circumlocutions caused the jury to believe he was guilty
The defendant’s circumlocutions caused the jury to believe he was guilty.

Where you there?

I was there, but then I left, and no one else was around, so I waited a while and drank a red bull then I decided to go home and watch TV with my dog.

  • To go around

To travel the entire globe, sailors must

circumvent the continents.

circumvent to go around
Circumvent – to go around

In an attempt to circumvent his grounding, Jason lied to his mother about what really happened that night, but it was hard to explain why he was found asleep in the median.

circumscribed marked off bounded
Circumscribed – marked off, bounded
  • The dog’s owners had marked his circumscribed territory using an underground electric fence.
finale the end or conclusion
finale – the end or conclusion

The finale of Of Mice and Men left the audience in tears.

finite having bounds or limits
finite – having bounds or limits.

High school is finite; it comes to an end.

gradient rate of ascent or descent
Gradient – rate of ascent or descent

The gradient of the slope is one factor in determining the level of difficulty for skiing.

graduation an arrangement in degrees levels or ranks
Graduation – an arrangement in degrees, levels, or ranks.

The graduation from private to colonel becomes quite clear when jobs are assigned.

degrade to lower in character or quality
Degrade – to lower in character or quality
  • I wouldn’t want to degrade myself by taking part in gossip.
  • A side to side motion

The dancers oscillated in a creative mambo across the dance floor.



To sway from side to side between choices

Samantha couldn’t make a decision for her prom date; as a result, she vacillated between Joe and Rob. Joe was cuter, but Rob was a better dancer.

lateral directed to the side
Lateral – directed to the side

After the table was bumped, the cake made a lateral move that no one was able to stop.

  • A quarter of a circle (or square)

The top left quadrant is red.

quadrate to divide by four

Quadrate – to divide by four

By quadrating twelve, I came to the answer of three.

quadruple to multiply by four

Quadruple – to multiply by four

Our cat had four kittens; thus, she quadrupled our cat population.


Write a well-developed paragraph using a minimum of five vocabulary words.

Use clear context clues with each word.

Underline the vocabulary words twice.

Underline the context clues once.