save the children the world s children s charity n.
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Save the Children The world ’ s children ’ s charity PowerPoint Presentation
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Save the Children The world ’ s children ’ s charity

Save the Children The world ’ s children ’ s charity

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Save the Children The world ’ s children ’ s charity

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  1. Save the ChildrenThe world’s children’s charity • Save the Children is the world’s largest independent children’s charity, helping children here in the UK and around the world in 120 countries • We have a track record of successfully transforming the life chances of the world’s poorest children

  2. More than a million UK children can’t take these things for granted

  3. Child participation in child poverty needs assessments and strategies Why engage children in child poverty strategies and needs assessments? • Article 12 United Nations Convention on the rights of the child: Children have a right to say what they think and be listened to by adults when they make decisions that affect them • Engaging with children in poverty grounds policy and practice in the everyday reality of people’s lives

  4. In My Backyard: Inspiring Community Change • In My Backyard works in some of the most deprived parts of the UK, giving children, young people and parents the chance to run their own project • Children undertake a situation analysis of their local area to identify issues which impact on child poverty • Children take part in activities related to issues important to them, to bring about change in their local community. • Learning from projects in Newham and Westminster are being fed into child poverty needs assessments and strategies

  5. In My Backyard example Munch the Crunch • Newham in East London group aged 15-21 helping families to eat healthily on a budget. • Amazing results reported including better health, weight loss and improved confidence # • The group then developed a cookbook ‘Family meals for less than £10’' • More than 400 signatures collected and presented to their local MP and councillors • Newham Local Authority has agreed to ban fast food outlets near schools and youth centres.

  6. In My Backyard example Education • 8-13 year olds started their project in July • Selected to work on problems in education in Westminster including the attainment gap for the poorest students, lack of adequate facilities in some schools and bullying Group plans: • Currently conducting research with other children, parents and teachers on strong and weak points of education services and how they could be improved • Plan to submit a report of their research to the Minister for Schools, along with a call for action on identified and recommendations for remedying them • Plan to develop a website to a) popularise their campaign; b) build up a network of support and c) enable wider community to have their say on education services and show their support

  7. In My Backyard example Parents of children with SEN • Campaign for better access to disability benefits for families with disabled children – particularly, the Disability Living Allowance. The group identified a number of barriers to access: • lack of adequate information on DLA and associated benefits, eligibility criteria and application procedure • length, complexity and unclear language in the application forms • lack of targeted support for families in need of accessing benefits Group plans: • Research experience parents of disabled children in accessing DLA • organise an event for DWP, Local Authority, local service providers and parents of disabled children to a) highlight the problems that families face to key agencies; b) discuss possible solutions to alleviate these problems • use the research to lobby key agencies involved in administering DLA • develop a local support network for parents of disabled children, with the assistance from local service providers