christmas in poland
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Christmas In Poland

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Christmas In Poland. Zuzanna Choroszkiewicz klasa 6c. What is Christmas.

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christmas in poland

Christmas In Poland

Zuzanna Choroszkiewicz klasa 6c

what is christmas
What is Christmas
  • Christmas is constant, falling out December 25. It was established to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Waiting time, which lasted four weeks is called Advent. The Polish traditions during Advent is celebrated Mass every day. votive called Roratami. During Rorat burns at the altar of special decorative candle called "shine roratną".
christmas tree
Christmas tree
  • The custom of putting up at home ustrojonego tree (usually a spruce or fir) came to Polish with German Protestants at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Unleavened wafers are baked from wheat flour and pure water, usually rectangular in shape and very thin, they are identical in composition to the round tiles that become host after the consecration at Mass in the Roman Catholic Church. It is only a reminder of the Body of Christ used in private homes, wafers lack of sanctification by a priest or bishop. Wafers wafers are embossed with Christmas related religious images, ranging from the crib, especially the Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus, the Star of Bethlehem.

  • Depending on the region and family tradition set of Christmas Eve dishes is different, but normally on the Christmas table should be included, twelve dishes. Each try, which is to ensure good luck throughout the year. The most common are: borscht fish, prepared in different ways, from the most traditional fried carp and jelly, dumplings with cabbage, Silesia Christmas Eve dishes are also Moczka and poppy. According to the Polish custom of Christmas Eve dishes should be fasting, that is meatless and without the use of animal fats. Post Christmas Eve it is customary pre-Christian, quite commonly przestrzeganym, although currently it is not prescribed in any of the Christian denominations. Latin Bishops encourage behavior that habit "because of the unique nature of this day in Poland"
santa claus
Santa Claus
  • Over time, Santa Claus has changed its appearance. When the Dutch settled in the U.S., Klaas Siter name changed to Santa Claus. In America, Santa Claus took the form of chubby grandpa with red cheeks and long white beard, a traveling team of reindeer sled. Nicholas restored to life children and showered them gifts. So now backing presents to children under the pillow at night from 5 to 6 December.
BLANK at the table - in the tradition of the Christmas table should be a place for the stranger, who can knock on our door.
Hay- under the Christmas tablecloth should be a handful of hay, which symbolizes the manger of Jesus and to ensure prosperity in the new year.
Breaking the wafer - survived a habit of breaking the wafer with animals and the belief that at midnight the animals speak with a human voice.
GIFTS - formerly obtained them only on December 6, but at the end of the eighteenth century, especially in wealthy homes, began also bestowed on Christmas Eve
FOR TODAY - survived a belief that if the day of Christmas Eve the first guest in the house will be a man, it will bring happiness and peace to this house.
  • Solemn Holy Mass celebrated at night (usually at midnight or in the evening) from 24 to 25 December, the first Christmas. Midnight Mass commemorates the expectation and prayer aimed shepherds to Bethlehem. In Poland, is one of the most important Christmas tradition.
merry christmas
Merry christmas

Today Bells Christmas time

Bells are beating the forest

Nicholas rich,

Snow snow-white fragrant Christmas tree  and the shiny star