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WPF For PowerBuilder Developers

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WPF For PowerBuilder Developers. PowerBuilder Evolving with .NET. Windows Presentation Foundation. WPF is Microsoft's next generation presentation technology Applications can have rich visual appearances 3D graphics High definition playback etc…

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Presentation Transcript
windows presentation foundation
Windows Presentation Foundation
  • WPF is Microsoft's next generation presentation technology
  • Applications can have rich visual appearances
    • 3D graphics
    • High definition playback
    • etc…
  • WPF uses vector-based graphics and is resolution-independent
wpf feature highlights
WPF Feature Highlights
  • Broad Integration
    • 3D graphics, video (HD), speech, rich document viewing
    • ...with one technology
  • Resolution Independence
    • Vector-based graphics render/resize to any screen resolution
  • Hardware Acceleration
    • Can take advantage of graphics card performance
  • …cont’d…
wpf feature highlights7
WPF Feature Highlights


  • Declarative Programming
    • XAML for markup
  • Rich Composition
    • Any control may “parent” another
    • Eventual functionality like…
    • …async video on each line of a DDLB!
windows presentation foundation8
Windows Presentation Foundation
  • XAML is the declarative markup language with which you may create complex WPF user interfaces
  • XAML allows separation of UI (markup) from runtime logic
  • XAML knowledge will not be required, just optional
windows presentation foundation9
Windows Presentation Foundation
  • The change is about the underlying presentation technology
    • Windows Forms applications use GDI+
    • WPF application uses DirectX technology for rendering
  • DirectX can be rendered using hardware resources
    • Performance may be improved
object models win32 winform vs wpf
Object Models: Win32 / WinForm vs. WPF
  • WPF has a different object model from Win32 and WinForm
  • We’re working to preserve the PowerBuilder model while incorporating the WPF “style”
  • Drastically reduces your learning curve for WPF
object models win32 winform vs wpf11
Object Models: Win32 / WinForm vs. WPF
  • For example, WPF controls have a “content” property
  • PowerBuilder will abstract that to the “Text” property
  • PowerBuilder will extend WPF controls

<my:WPFButton Height="23" Margin="251,0,268,84" Name=“WPFButton1" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Text="123" />

object models win32 winform vs wpf12
Object Models: Win32 / WinForm vs. WPF
  • WPF has introduced many different new concepts:
    • Dependency Properties, Attached Properties, Commands, Routed Events
  • A design goal of PowerBuilder 12 is to hide the details of these new concepts and keep the usage similar to existing PowerBuilder
object models win32 winform vs wpf13
Object Models: Win32 / WinForm vs. WPF
  • Our goal is to provide you with a “PowerBuilder Experience” when developing WPF applications
powerbuilder 12 wpf application architecture
PowerBuilder 12WPF Application Architecture
  • Assemblies of the WPF runtime library
  • WPF DataWindow engine
  • New Managed database drivers
powerbuilder wpf window constraint on controls
PowerBuilder WPF Window:Constraint on Controls
  • Win32 and WinForm Windows could be the parent of multiple controls
  • In WPF, a Window may have only one control
  • Workaround:
    • Place a Panel, Grid or Canvas, in the Window
    • We intend to put Canvas Panels in a migrated Window by default
default panel in the powerbuilder wpf window class
Default “Panel” in the PowerBuilder WPF Window class
  • By default, a Grid panel will be put inside a Window for new WPF applications
  • Again, Canvas will be used for migrated applications
    • Approximating absolute positioning
grid vs canvas
Grid vs. Canvas
  • Grid:
    • Can take more advantage of WPF auto sizing
    • SizeToContent property is available
    • Can automatically size controls to length of text for localization/regionalization
  • Canvas:
    • Supports positioning elements with explicit coordinates
    • If we used Grid for migrated applications…position information would not be accurate enough
innercontrol property
“InnerControl” Property
  • InnerControl
    • Arguably, the most important newly-introduced WPF control property
    • Allows reference to WPF control directly in PowerScript
    • Read Only (but properties like Content are writable)
    • In theory, WPF controls may be infinitely nested within any other WPF controls (one at a time)

Cb_1.InnerControl.Content = “Some Contents”;

third party controls
Third Party Controls
  • Third party visual controls may now be used in a WYSIWYG fashion in design mode
  • Conditional code blocks are no longer required for interoperability
  • When placed on the painter, the IDE will trigger a process to create a proxy object for the control
  • The proxy will be analogous to traditional OLE/ActiveX interfaces to minimize your learning curve
new controls courtesy of wpf
New Controls Courtesy of WPF

Layouts with Panels:

  • Canvas
  • Grid
  • WrapPanel
  • StackPanel
  • DockPanel
new controls courtesy of wpf24
New Controls Courtesy of WPF

WrapPanel Variations:

new controls courtesy of wpf26
New Controls Courtesy of WPF

For the following controls, we may…

  • Create standard runtime controls


  • Support them though 3rd party controls (proxy objects)


new controls courtesy of wpf27
New Controls Courtesy of WPF

Expander (collapsible GroupBox):

new controls courtesy of wpf28
New Controls Courtesy of WPF

Expander (collapsible GroupBox):

new controls courtesy of wpf29
New Controls Courtesy of WPF


  • Built on top of Windows Media Player
  • Formats:
    • WAV
    • WMA
    • MP3
    • Etc…
new controls courtesy of wpf30
New Controls Courtesy of WPF

Document Viewer (XPS or Print Preview):

right to left support
Right-to-Left Support

FlowDirection Layout Property:

state of the datawindow
State of the DataWindow

New Features:

  • From PowerBuilder 11.5
    • New background properties
    • Support for PNG format
    • Tooltips for all control and column types
    • Rich Text Edit style
  • Support for 3rd party controls
    • May be used with a data binding mechanism in the detail band
      • Must be consistent with the column’s data type
    • Expressions are not supported
state of the datawindow35
State of the DataWindow

New Features…

  • XML DataWindow syntax
    • SRD syntax is still supported
  • Can run with limited security permissions
  • New export formats
    • Excel 2007
    • XML paper specification (XPS)
  • Nested (and Composite) DataWindows
    • Display in normal, not print preview mode


state of the datawindow36
State of the DataWindow

New Features …(cont’d)…

  • Grid style
      • Grid line color is a property
      • Enablesort supports sorting the contents on a specific column
  • Label
      • Displays in normal mode, not print preview mode
  • Managed DataSources in the new Data Source Interface
      • ADO .NET
      • Web Services
      • The classic data sources are still supported

The DataWindow will run as fully Managed Code

state of the datawindow38
State of the DataWindow

New Architecture:

  • Separation of
    • Core functionality
      • DataWindow objects
    • Presentation (rendering) functionality
      • DataWindow controls
    • Data access
      • The new Data Source Interface
wpf datawindow painter
WPF DataWindow Painter
  • WYSIWYG design surface for adding, moving, resizing, positioning of DataWindow elements
  • WYSIWYG Preview
  • Again, a familiar PowerBuilder experience
  • Support for 3rd party controls