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October 2 nd , 2013

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October 2 nd , 2013

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  1. October 2nd, 2013 English IV

  2. Warm-up: • Please write a short summary about what you read in the chapter “What If?” (5 sentences) • If you were Kevin what response would you say to kids when they asked “why don’t you have any legs?” • Come up with 2 responses

  3. Learning Target Learning Criteria I can work with a partner to determine the correct order of a paragraph using my notes on the Toulmin model. I can identify a character trait of a character from Double Take using my background knowledge of these stories. I can write my character’s trait on a notecard and find a piece of relevant textual evidence to support that trait. • Students will be able to understand the format of the Toulmin Model (claim, warrant, Impact) • Students will be able to identify character traits of a major character from Double Take.

  4. Partner Game- Toulmin Model • Choose a partner • Sit side-by-side with your partner • With your partner get a ziploc bag from Ms. Gelroth • Lay all of the pieces in the bag out on the desk • There are three separate paragraphs in each bag. • Collaborate to come up with the correct order of the words/phrases according to the Toulmin Model • Claim • Warrant • Impact • Conclusion

  5. Partner Game – Toulmin Model • When you think you have the correct order raise your hand and Ms. Gelroth will come check and see if you are correct. • The first two groups to format their paragraphs correctly will get a prize! • When you have finished and Ms. Gelroth has checked if you are correct please put your pieces back together and read quietly or work on homework

  6. Things to consider: • Please make sure that the textual evidence (warrant) goes with the correct explanation (impact) and claim. • Look at your notes on the order of the Toulmin model to help you decide where things go.

  7. Claim: • Comes at the beginning of the paragraph • Argument/opinion you are trying to prove • Let’s the reader know what you will be talking about in the rest of the paragraph • Warrant: • Supporting details for your claim • Also must include one piece of textual evidence (direct quote) that supports your claim (think of the textual evidence as “back up” for your supporting details) • Impact: • This is where you EXPLAIN how your piece of textual evidence supports whatever your claim is. • You must be detailed in your explanation so your reader can clearly see your analysis of a subject.

  8. Kevin Connolly’s Double Take • 1. Your first 5 paragraph essay writing assignment will be a character analysis on one main character from Double Take • Today you will choose which character you would like to write about • You will work on picking 3 adjectives (character traits) for each of your 3 body paragraphs • Then you will work on constructing your warrants on the back of each of your notecards • Supporting details • 3-4 • One direct quote to “back up” one or all of your supporting details

  9. You will need to go back to the chapters from Double Take to find textual evidence and supporting details • If you did a good job of annotating you should already have a lot of notes to the side! • Remember you are just finidng EVIDENCE (WARRANTS) for your adjective (character traits) you are NOT working on explaining them today.

  10. Goals for Today: • Step One: Choose your character • Step Two: Choose three adjectives that describe your character that you believe you can PROVE with supporting details and textual evidence • Step Three: Fill out notecards • One adjective on each card (on the front) • 3-5supporting details that support that adjective (on the back) • One piece of textual evidence that “backs up” your supporting details (on the back) – DIRECT QUOTE • You may include more than one direct quote but you must at least include ONE.

  11. Impacts • You must explain HOW your examples/textual evidence support your claim. • Be detailed and specific - don’t leave your reader with any questions.

  12. Example Not only does Mrs. Jones display courage, but she also proves to be a trusting person. She decides that Roger needs to wash and eat and she will take him to her home in order to do so. “I got a great mind to wash your face for you,” (78) she tells Roger. “You ought to be my son. I would teach you right from wrong. Least I can do right now is to wash your face. Are you hungry?” (78) In just a few words, she assumes the role of a teacher and a mother substitute. She not only takes Roger home but she also continues to display a trusting nature once they arrive. When she gets up to prepare supper, Mrs. Jones “did not watch the boy to see if he was going to run now, nor did she watch her purse which she left behind her on the daybed.” (79)Roger begins to respond to Mrs. Jones in a positive way. Her trust in Roger is beginning to create a relationship between them making Roger believe and trust her as much as she now trusts the boy who tried to steal from her.

  13. Claim: Mother is protective • Warrant 1: Inside at Mcdonalds’ talking to the parents of the kids who were harassing Kevin. • Impact 1: Kevin’s mother shows her protective nature when she addresses the parents of the children who were harassing Kevin. She does not find it acceptable to let anybody (even children) bully her son just because he is different. Some people would have simply left the scene but Kevin’s mom confronts these parents to protect her son from ridicule. • Warrant 2: • Impact 2:

  14. When you go to write your paragraph you want to make everything fit together and flow nicely (like the example paragraph) • Today we are going to work on constructing your IMPACTS • Choose 2-3 pieces of evidence you want to use from your Warrant Cards and circle them (one of them MUST be the direct quote) • Now write explanations on your impact cards (label them so you remember which impact goes with which warrants)

  15. Remember: • You are explaining and describing HOW your textual evidence supports the adjective you chose for your character • Make it detailed enough so that your reader doesn’t have any questions. • Be sure to tie it back to your claim (adjective) for that character. • You don’t want to say “I” or “me” – keep it in 3rd person