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Alien Planet

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Alien Planet. By Lara Marie Kitney.

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alien planet

Alien Planet


Lara Marie Kitney

It was the 25th of October, a cold, rainy day. It was the day I planned to leave Earth and fly to Alien Planet. Luckily, it was 4:30 in the afternoon and my mum was still asleep from her afternoon nap and my dad was still at work, so I could sneak out without anyone noticing me.
I hurried to my room and put on a warm pair of trousers, a soft, woolly top, my fluffy boots and a long-sleeved jacket. I was about to leave when I remembered my secret, magic carpet. I quickly pulled it out from under my funky bed and tapped it four times.
Suddenly, as usual my magic carpet came to life. It could hear, see, talk and fly. It knew that today we were off to space. I told it to follow me and it obeyed instantly. I crept silently towards the door, opened it soundlessly and tiptoed out.
Once outside, I jumped onto my magic carpet and told it to head for Alien Planet. Mosco, my magic carpet knew the way. Off we went, speeding along, up to the pale, blue sky …
Meanwhile, on Alien Planet, exciting things were happening. All Alien Planet aliens were preparing for war against the Martians. Soldiers were putting on their armour and buying guns. Now, I was very close to Alien Planet, actually I was too close. Suddenly, I heard a firing sound and bullets came zooming past me.
Unfortunately, a bullet hit me and I started falling down. When I opened my eyes, I was in a strange, round room. A strange face with friendly eyes was peering down at me. I was about to scream, when he put his webbed hand over my mouth so all that came out was a muffled sound.
He made me a sign to be quiet and slowly lifted his hand off my mouth. I looked around but there was no sign of Mosco. I asked the alien where Mosco was but he didn’t understand me. I asked him again using signs to communicate. This time he understood me easily and pulled out Mosco from a strange cupboard.
I tried to get up but the pain in my legs was deadly and I couldn’t stand up. The alien put some lotion on my legs and they healed instantly. I tapped Mosco and he came back to life. Strangely, Mosco knew the alien’s language. He told me that according to the alien, we had already been there for a year.
I thought that it was really strange that only a couple of hours made a year in Alien land. I decided that I had had enough of aliens for one day, so I told Mosco to thank the alien for everything. Then I got on Mosco and came back to Earth.