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Agata Construction DataBase PowerPoint Presentation
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Agata Construction DataBase

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Agata Construction DataBase

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  1. Agata Construction DataBase Agata Week, 08/07/08 C.Aufranc, O.Stezowski

  2. Outlines • Introduction • Overview • Snapshots • Adaptation of BigBrother • Initialization of the DataBase • Actions=measures in the DB • Conclusion

  3. Introduction • Oracle DataBase (the server) and a graphical interface BigBrowser (java client) conceived and developed by the CMS Team Tracker • This tool has been accepted by the «Agata Management Board = the official Agata construction DataBase • The Computer Center of the IN2P3: hosts the database part: a test DB and a production DB have been created • The Infrastructure group began to work with us to define the structure of the database

  4. Overview Select and insert Select JDBC JDBC Instant Client, [GUI or Command Line]

  5. Structure of objects in the BD

  6. Registration of an object

  7. Assembly of a crystal in a capsule

  8. Transfer of an object

  9. Insertion of data via an XML file

  10. Connection between 2 objects

  11. History of a crystal

  12. Report for a specific center

  13. Actions available for a crystal

  14. Adaptation of BigBrother • BigBrother=portable application: few modifications for Agata purpose (DataBase access, CMS specific vocabulary) • Conversion of numerical barcodes to alphanumerical ones: not a difficult work but modifications everywhere in the code. Development is finished and tested, but bugs can remain: report me any problem ( • Construction DataBase Agata Web Site: • BigBrowser download:

  15. Initialization of the DataBase • We must define a structure for the objects to insert in the DB: which objects, with which hierarchy? • Fondamental questions: • What is meaningfull to put in the DataBase? =>must we put the beam line, the chambers which are specific to each laboratory and not belong to AGATA?... • With which degree of details? => must we put the racks in the DB, the heat exchangers?... • And we must be as homogeneousas possible! =>the TCluster corresponds in the DB to the support, to the cryostat, to an abstract component?...must we create it?

  16. Initialization of the DataBase • Definition of objects to insert in the DataBase: =>name, type (specie), version, isacable ex: TCluster, Assymetric TC, version 1, not a cable • Definition of the assembly rules between those objects: =>Father/son and number of max sons in the father… ex:father: Asym TC=>son: Asym Cryostat =>1 Asym TCis composed of only one Asym Cryostat • I’ve sent a more precise documentation to each team leader and working group leader

  17. Policy of barcodes • Common format for barcodes has been fixed: • => 16 digits, xxx_xxx_xxx_xxxx: group_type_specificity_numbering • ex: DET_TCL_ASY_0001 • If stamps can’t be put: find another identification method (serial number…) • Becarefull to the confusion and mistakes between objects

  18. Actions in the DataBase • Actions in the DB = measures on objects => the resolution at 122keV: Resolution122keV • Composite actions (on single objects or on composite objects) => the Resolution which is composed of 2 base actions: the Resolution122keV and the Resolution1MeV • The objects have a status (reference, valid, notvalid), and actions can invalidate some objects • Consequences: a «faulty» object can’t be assembled for instance/ but this object can be repaired by ordinary actions or special actions

  19. Actions • Examples: • An « Initialization » action can be necessary: serial number,producer, purchaser… • Some specifications • Measures of resolutions • Scannings of crystals NB: the binary files can’t be inserted in the BD, but you can create links on files stored on an external media (ex: at the CCIN2P3, storage under HPSS of big files and automatized access via SRB)

  20. Conclusion • The urgency: to fix the structure of the database • After that: define actions on those objects • See you at the Detector parameter DB meeting Thursday at 16:00

  21. Necessary information to define an action • Action: name, version • Object: name • Description : a short description of the action • Results on the action: name, type, unity • Composite Action? Yes/No • Input values for the test: value, unity, description • Tool : tool used for a specific center • Operator: name of the operator 08/07/08 21

  22. Exemple • Action: RESOLUTION122kev, 1 • Object: CRYSTAL • Description: Give the resolution of a crystal and its 36 segments for 122keV • Results: resCrystal float, resSegments Array of 36 floats • Composite Action? No • Input: 122, keV, Energy • Tool: test • Operator: Cecile • =>ex of composite action: Resolution which contains 2 base actions: Resolution122keV and Resolution1MeV 08/07/08 22