Apps they re not just for dinner ipad use in special education http notjustfordinner wikispaces com
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Apps: They’re Not Just For Dinner iPad Use in Special Education /. Tyler Bergen Andra Thorstad Nicole Gonari. Today’s Agenda. Choosing and Managing Apps Appetizing Apps iPad Accessibility. Vocabulary Lesson! .

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Apps they re not just for dinner ipad use in special education http notjustfordinner wikispaces com

Apps: They’re Not Just For DinneriPadUse in Special Education

Tyler Bergen

Andra Thorstad

Nicole Gonari

Today s agenda
Today’s Agenda

Choosing and Managing Apps

Appetizing Apps

iPad Accessibility

Vocabulary lesson
Vocabulary Lesson!

  • The word “app” is short for “application”

    • In January 2011, the American Dialect Society named “app” the word of the year for 2010.

    • The word “application” refers to a software application — a special type of software program.

    • The word app typically refers to software used on a smartphone or mobile device such as the Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or iPad, as in “mobile app” or “iPhone app.”

    • There are also “web applications” and “online applications” — which are software programs that you access and use while online, via a browser, instead of software residing on your computer (such as Microsoft Word).

Where can we purchase apps
Where Can We Purchase Apps?

  • Apps for iPad and iPhone/iPod touch are purchased via the App Store.

    • You can access the App Store directly on your iPad or iPhone/iPod touch

      - You can also access the App Store via iTunes

App store features
App Store Features

You can search for a specific app, or just type in a keyword, in the search bar in the top right hand corner of iTunes or the App Store!

App store features1
App Store Features

  • You can browse by category…

App store features2
App Store Features

You can use the Genius feature to find new apps- the Genius feature takes into account which apps you already have, and recommends different apps based on that information.

App store features3
App Store Features

You can also narrow down what kind of app you are looking for by using the filters provided during a search.

App store features4
App Store Features

To redeem an iTunes gift card:

1: Sign in with your

Apple ID and password

2. Click ‘Redeem’

3. Enter in the code

on the back of your

iTunes Gift Card.

Not all apps are created equal
Not All Apps Are Created Equal

As educators, we all have a budget to adhere to.

- There are more than 500,000 apps for purchase/download on the App Store.

- How do we, as educators, determine which apps give us the best ‘bang’ for our buck (or 2 bucks, or 3…)?

The fives criteria
The FIVES Criteria

The FIVES Criteria, which was developed by Sean Sweeney, CCC-SLP (, is a framework designed to evaluate and integrate simple technology resources in speech and language interventions.

For the purpose of this presentation, we have adapted the FIVES criteria for use in school settings by classroom teachers, resource teachers, special program teachers, and consultants.

What does fives stand for
What does FIVES stand for?

Free/aFFordable: Caution- just because it’s free, doesn’t mean you should download it. Alternatively, just because it’s $4.99, that doesn’t mean you should buy it!

Interactive—Does the app provide opportunities for students to make decisions, perform actions, and possibly create?

Visual—Using the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), does it provide a multisensory experience that our students' classrooms might lack, or that bears repeating?

Educationally Relevant—Does it relate to topics, skills, or strategies that mirror or enhance classroom content?

Special Education—Does the activity target goals specific to the students' Personal Program Plans?

K athy shrock s guide to everything
Kathy Shrock’s Guide to Everything

Kathy’s Website


Critical evaluation of a content-based mobile app

Critical evaluation of a creative mobile app

Free apps a cautionary tale
Free Apps: A Cautionary Tale

Of course, we all have a finite budget to consider!

Free is fantastic, but a lot of times, you get what you pay for.

Some apps may be free, but are quite limited in function until you pay more money for more features through an in-app purchase.

On the other hand
On The Other Hand…

Perhaps you’ve just shelled out $3.99 for an app, and you are very disappointed with its features, interface, and educational application.

How to avoid app buyer s remorse
How To Avoid App-Buyer’s Remorse

  • Do your homework!

    • Read the app reviews. Be sure to take the number of reviews into account (an average 4-star rating from 250 people is more telling than a 5-star rating from three people)

      - Google the app. Has it been reviewed by other educators?

How to avoid app buyer s remorse1
How To Avoid App-Buyer’s Remorse

2. Follow the FIVES Criteria

- Try not to buy apps with only one or two students in mind.

- Think critically about the different ways in which you can use the app across subjects, students, etc.

How to avoid app buyer s remorse2
How To Avoid App-Buyer’s Remorse

3. If possible, download the ‘Lite’ version of the app.

- Occasionally, there will be a Lite version of an app that you can ‘try out’ before you dig in your pockets for the full-featured app.